Never Have Gotten Along With The Inlaws

I have never gotten along with my wife's parents. She herself has not had a good relationship with them either. She did not have a good childhood and has harboured resentment all through the years. Her mother was away a lot on business trips and her father was a small town cop who with attitude both at work and at home. In today's standards she would be considered "abused" when she was growing up but back then it was keeping children in line. When I started dating my wife just after high school she was very rebellious. Late one night she wanted to have sex in the parking lot of the police station. We did not want to get caught and this was her idea of hitting back at her father and his establishment. It is a small town, one cop on patrol overnight. We took all our clothes off and was having sex in the parking lit behind the station until a car pulled in and headlights swept across the parked township vehicles. We scrambled out of there, scared shitless. We didn't get caught that night but we had not given one thought about security cameras. There was quite a shit storm over that and for years afterward the cops in the town nailed me for any infraction they could dream up. I got tagged for running yellow lights, poor tire treads, noisey exhaust and three miles per hour over the speed limit would get me pulled over. Now her parents are old, frail and need help. My wife's sister wants nothing to do with old folks now that they need help even though they paid her mortgage andbput her kids through college. My wife never got a cent over the years and now has to step up and provide assistance. She feels guilty if she doesn't help and yet has deep resentment towards her parents and sister at the same time. I think there is a life lesson here concerning respect and karma.


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  • She’s doing the right thing and in supporting her, so are you. You got treated crappy, but you sound like you love your wife - and that’s a rare deal these days.

  • Take the high road, you are the better person.

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