Mom's Leftovers

I know why my mother cheats with this guy. He's endowed and has stamina. I'm heavyset with tats on me. I would secretly peek in on them and play with myself, then go into my room and use them on me. Mom orgasms are hard and quick and he's left fully loaded. She dozes off at times after an orgasm so he leaves.
He surprised me. I never expected it but glad it happened. Mom and I knew he can't keep his dick soft for long periods. That's why he cheats. He uses me now as a cum dumpster like he tries with mom and who knows what other women he had for a dumpster.
It was a rough day at work, so after I showered I rested on my bed using my vibrator. Apparently he knew what I was doing thru the door opening. He must have given mom her orgasm and he wasn't satisfied. He flung the door open and said, "You need the real thing!" as he walked towards me. "Hold those legs up." as he started rubbing my clit and carefully slid that thick cock into my vagina and found my G spot. He kept forcing his cock deep inside of me. I rested my legs on his shoulders while playing with my breasts. He gave me two orgasms before he emptied himself.
Mom is OK with him pleasing me after she gets pleased. She sometimes wants to see the cream pie he left in me.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Fuck you and your sick incest post dude. Women don't want cream pies idiot only sick queer sissy faggots that love eating their cum and dream about eating other mens cum.

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