Showed Wife’s Pics to a Friend

I’ve taken a few pics of my wife and showed a friend of mine occasionally in the past couple years. We live in different towns now and don’t see each other very often. Anyway, I sent him some pics the other day and he told me he was jacking off to them while driving to work. I got really hard thinking about him admitting that to me. I asked him to send me pics of the mess if it made him cum, expecting him to laugh it off, but a few minutes later, he sent me a picture of his cum covered hand and fingers. It was so hot that I came immediately. Now, I wonder where we go from here? I can’t help but think about wanting to watch him stroke to her pics, but I’m afraid to ask for that.

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  • Love to see your wife I’ll share mine.

  • Nice. I have showed my wifes nude pics to all our male friends

  • The first time I showed my wife’s pics were to a woman. She was saying that her boyfriend wants to take pics but she was afraid, and I told her I had lots of pics of my wife and said do you want to see and she said yes. The next time was to a friend who showed me his wife and I showed him mine, our wife’s are friends. The next time was at a bar, a guy showed me pics of a hot girl he had pics of and I showed him pics of my wife.

  • Please send me her pics and i'll show you me stroking off to her.

  • You should expose your little slutwife online so everyone can enjoy her :)

  • That can be quite a turn on. Guys love it when I jack off to their wife and describe how she makes me feel.

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