Wish me luck

Gonna ask my lesbian friend tonight if I can look at her pussy, she has been promising for ages she will show me one day.
I know it’s out of pity she is only offering to show me her pussy but today is the day, I’ve waited long enough and I’m wanting to see it.
Wish me luck

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  • You sound under age, who in their right mind just looks at a pussy.

  • College Summer Job at the meat packing plant. Co worker Linda 6 foot, 210 pounds, led our softball team in home runs, legged most of them, cute lesbian, my girl buddy. She had nice apartment, watched baseball, drank beer (I was only 19) - ate pizza. Talked about sex with girls. After one game I said was going to call my ex FWB to get laid. She said 'save the ass kissing, the flowers, or whatever the fuck your arrangement is with her -- I'll fuck you no stings attached. I like dick up my pussy.' That was the first of 100 times. She taught me how to lick pussy the right way. She even sucked dick.
    I was 175 pounds. Fucking a big girl like that is way crazy good.
    Had a brief 5x reunion fling when I was 25. She said my dick got way fat.

  • I really hope not only that you look but play with her, you will both enjoy it for certain

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