That’s very big

I went to see my friend for coffee, chatting away I asked how was her son holiday, she said don’t ask, how he’s still alive I don’t know, why what happened I asked, she said he will be down in a bit ask him yourself.
When he did come downstairs I said mom said I should ask you how your holiday was, he said excellent best ever, his mom then said to show me the photos.
He gave me his phone and I was flicking through and it was a bunch of 17 year olds half naked drinking, I said what’s so bad, his mum said keep going, then I found it, he was completely naked standing with his hands in the air outside a police station, unfortunately my eyes were only looking at one thing, he has the biggest longest penis I’ve ever seen, it was like fake, how can a 17 year old have a penis that big.
I said to my friend, does he take after his father, no unfortunately she said.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

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