A delightful thing I never thought would happen

I've been hinting to my wife that I want to see her have sex with another man or woman. She's always told me if she finds someone hot or not. Not just celebrities, but if we are out, she will comment on a male server or a male nurse that she had an interaction with. At first, it was just something simple like, "Well, he was kinda cute." I wouldn't say anything back. Then I started to fantasize about her having sex with another man. She has never held back in saying that she thinks Brad Pitt is hot. I was horny one night and she said she wanted to watch fight club. Kind of an odd choice given she knew I wanted sex. I asked why fight club. She said that the scenes where brad is not wearing a shirt or damn near nude gets her going. I asked if she wanted to have sex with him. She said, "Oh he'd never have me." I said, "Don't worry about whether or not he would. Would you have sex with him?" She said, "You mean, cheat on you?" I said, "If brad came to town and saw you and wanted to hook up with you, would you?" She said, "I wouldn't risk our marriage on a one time thing." I said, "Well, if he came to town and specifically said he wanted to have sex with you, I wouldn't say you couldn't. He's your man crush. I'd want and expect you to do it."

So that was a few months ago. So a few weeks ago we were at a party. It was a friend that was having an end of summer bbq and pool party. Where we live temps fluctuate this time of year. That saturday it was 80 degrees. A mutual friend was swimming. My wife was beside me and we were having some drinks. She saw him and said, "Holy shit! Jeremy is kinda hot." I said, "You think so?" She said, "Yeah. He obviously works out. Can't quite tell if he's hung or not tho." I said, "Does that part matter?" She said, "Well yeah. You are good in bed and I cum every time we have sex, but you aren't hung." I said, "Wow. Uh...ok." She said, "Well, you aren't. He's hot, but if i'm going to have sex with him, he needs to be hung. I want to feel a big cock inside me. It's been a really long time since i've had a big one." I said, "Well, go talk to him." She said, "No, I couldn't." I said, "You want to fuck him. Just admit it." She said, "Yeah, kinda." I said, "Go find out." She said, "You'll get mad if I do." I said, "No I won't." She said, "You are going to let me have sex with another man?" I said, "Of course. I trust you. It's just sex."

She got up and went to talk to him. He got her a drink. They talked for about a half hour. At one point she pointed to me. I guess she was telling him who I was. I heard her giggle. Yep, actually giggle. Then he got up and went inside the house. She came up to me and said, "9 inches." I said, "That good enough?" She said, "That will do." I said, "So, is it going to happen?" She said, "Yep. That's why I came over here. We are going back to his place." I started to get hard. I said, "What all do you think you'll do?" She said, "I'm actually really wet right now. I'll do whatever he wants. Been a long time since i've sucked a dick that big. Wonder if I still can." I said, "Do me one favor?" She said, "Anything." I said, "Come straight home afterwards." She said, "Why?" I said, "I want to eat you out afterwards." She said, "After he cums inside me?" I said, "Yep." She said, "Isn't that a bit gay?" I said, "Nope. Just enjoying my wife's pussy. Gay would be letting him fuck me in the ass." She said, "Would you?" I said, "9 inches. Not right off the bat. I feel like that would split me open." She said, "I'll let you know." I said, "You're gonna let him fuck you in the ass?" She said, "If he wants to."

9 months ago

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    • I could never clean up, it’s just so gross. I do her sloppy seconds but I won’t lick it. She wants me to though. Sloppy seconds anal is the best feeling ever, loose and slick anus feels amazing. She’s picky about who gets her butt though.

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