My High School Speech

On my first post I wrote on my first time jerk off and first circle jerk. I also mentioned my family were involved in the pornography business. Since porn was illegal in the early 60's my relatives were arrested and spent time in jail. This included my uncles, grandfather and cousins. My dad worked out a deal to avoid jail time as my mother was dying of cancer. Eventually they were part of class suit argued before the Supreme Court and won.
I was in the 11th grade and had to take a speech class. The final project we had to give a persuasive speech and had to include some way to get attention. Taking a chance I decided to do my speech on legalizing pornography. I asked my dad if he would give soft core that was considering illegal for my presentation. He gave me many forms of soft porn. I was scared I would be in trouble in class and with the High School. I covered up the pussies, tits and cocks, but the we class and teacher was going to know I had porn. I was the last to give my speech as I was fucking scared. When I got up before the class I opened up an envelope and started pulling out photos and said is this porn or art. Everyone just stared in shock and I continued with my 5 minute speech. I received an A+ on my presentation.
In my next class someone from the administration staff came to my class and singled me to pack up my stuff and took me to the principal's office. I knew I was fucked. The principal asked for the Package and said I was going to expel me from school, but my speech teacher told her I did this project correctly. I gave her the folder and she gave me a warning I was never to bring this in school or I would be expelled. She also warned me not to discuss this with anyone and to go back to class. Well I was the talk of the high school and the teachers lunchroom. I heard the teachers want to the porn and would have liked to be there for the speech. I learned this from my gym teacher. He called me into his office and told me all teachers were talking. He asked if I had it. I told him I had to retrieve the material at the end of the school day. By the way he said of all the students in the school I would be the last student he would think of doing this He knew me from junior high from a different school district and he knew me as quite and shy. He knew me from school trips and now he knew why. I kept porn business a secret as I didn't want guys to pretend to be my friend to see the porn collection. I got burned by one of the guys who participated in the circle jerk. By the way the last piece of this post my gym teacher honestly his name Me. William Bater. He would fail them if he heard anyone call him Master Bater. Some will think this is fiction, but all this true. When my dad sold his porn store in his plea deal if you are from the NY Trip State area and are familiar with Time Square in mid 60's you might remember the NY Daily News referred to one gentleman as The Porno King, my dad was his bookkeeper and handled his porn stores and movie theaters. That will be another post. More to say from a kid in porn family.r


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