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I've been married to my husband for many long years. I even bore him two kids. We met in high school through my father who was the football coach and my boyfriend one of his favorite players. They are close, my husband did not know his father, and my dad only had us girls, so it was natural they would hang out together and even go on trips. I might have never known what was really going on if I had not caught them one Saturday morning when I decided to break my routine. They often worked on some project together in the back yard shed. It was where my dad kept his wood working stuff, and had warned me away saying it was too dangerous for me to just entered without warning them first. I had thought they had left for supplies and was curious to see what they were working on so I slipped in quietly just in case I was wrong. The shed is about the size of a garage so I did not have to go far to discover them half naked having sex on a work bench. Both men were so loss in their pleasure they did not notice when I slowly duck back behind some machinery. I was shocked seeing my father bent over on the receiving to my husband's administration. Having been their myself I knew my husband was close and watched as the tool that got me two babies, pour that same seed deep into my father's guts causing my own father to spray his seed across his bare hairy chest. After that I slipped out leaving them still connect, flush, and panting, shocked but not fully upset. We've a threesome once with one of my husband's guy friends, it was there that I understood my husband was bi fluid. However I would have never suspected my dad, leaving me to wonder how long their affair has been going on and questioning every trip and moment they've been alone.

9 months ago

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    • I honestly caught my husband in the act of being taken by two men in a hotel room. He claimed he was “just curious” and said he’d only done it a few time.

      A few fucking times? How many times does it take to get the curiousness out of his system.

      I’m leaving him soon.

    • Married man soon to be divorced from the most boring and sexually repressed former slut woman. Ok. Got that out. Sorry.

      That had to have been one hell of a shock to see. I mean I could not imagine. Seriously like what was going through your head when you saw that?

      I’m sorry you had to see that but at least you know now. Right? Hope you are doing well.

    • This leaves me wondering if you are now entertaining the thought of both of them with you.

    • Fuckung hot!!!

    • Let them enjoy but also tell your husband your needs , like your hunger for more big cocks and some sweet pussy , from nyc

    • This is more common than you think, honey.

    • It is? Sorry man here. No interest in trying out the gay thing. No judgement either. I’ve seen a few videos of men having sex. Doesn’t turn me on but I admit I’ve watch a couple to completion.

      Seriously? It is? How common?

      I’m just floored by your comment.

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