I love to jerk off on my wifes feet and suck my cum off her toes and then swap it on our tongues. after a golf outing the other day i started bs'ing with a woman , my age, 60, divorced who had beautiful feet, she had taken off her golf shoes and put on flip flps, hesitant to tell her so i did anyway, she blushed and thanked me, a drink or two later we left and i the parking lot we said goodbye and as we pulled out she said follow me. she had a beautiful apartmeny about 10 mins from the course, went up, the first thing she did was demand i suck her toes, and i did. she said feel free to jerk off, i did that too but i plod her id rather jerk off on your ass crack, she was up for that too, she loved it and after i did that she fingered herself till she came,, have a tee time tomorrow with her at 8;12,,, hopefully we'll hit some shots in the woods

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  • This is so weird, my and I met an older man at a bar, after about thirty minutes of conversation he who told my wife she had beautiful feet. We are in our 30s and he was in his 50s. He asked if he could massage her feet. We thought it was weird but we agreed and my wife put her feet on his lap and he massage them right there in the restaurant’s bar area while she leaned back on me and I held her. He asked if she could press her foot against his crotch and she did it, rubbing his hard on up and down with her bare foot while he massaged the other. We thought it was funny and weird but I could tell my wife was becoming aroused. We ended up bringing him back to our hotel room, no sex, but he could eat her out and jerk off to her feet. He lick her vag and butthole while she sucked me, then he sucked her toes while I had sex with her. He wasn’t interested in her boobs at all, even when she took his hand and placed it on her boobs, he pulled away and wanted her feet. I finished and laid back and she laid naked with her legs open while he sucked her toes and jerked off and came on her feet. He thanked us and nearly ran out of the room. So weird but oddly arousing.

  • I think that may have been me, is she blonde? Are you guys in ct?

  • No, she’s brunette and this was in Colorado.

  • Then there’s some people who are into this

  • I ate his cum off her feet

  • Nice

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