Sisters and I

My name is Maynard and when I was growing up my sisters and I used to have sex all the time. My mom is the one that started it. She is the first person that I ever had sex with. The next time was with my mom and oldest sister with mom telling and showing us what to do. After that my 3 sisters and I had sex at least 4 to 5 times a week.

1.1 years ago


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    • If your only having sex its ok, but don't bring children into the world, they can have serious mental problems, do it only for enjoyment and sexual family pleasure, it does bond you together more.

    • My sister in law sucks me off onall the major holidays, like a tradition, started 25 years ago, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We host and some how we manage to sneak off. It doesn’t take long because I’m so excited. She takes my load in her mouth and then we swap it back and forth,,she’s not great looking and a little heavy, but man that is so hot. All the other times we get together nothing happens,, except I sit there with a major boner and she knows it. So when I say I have to use the bathroom she knows I’m jerking off to her,,she’ll wink at me when I come back,,, it so goog

    • That story makes me wanna shoot a hot load in my wife's mouth , tongue kiss with her and eat my own cum , and then make her put on my favorite big strap on and fuckin bang my man twat

    • Can I join you?

    • Man twat,,, and what night that be?? LOL

    • Nyc?

    • I'm a 23 year old woman. My fraternal twin brother (whose Bi) and I have been having oral and regular sex our father since we turned 18.

      It wasn't planned it just happened on vacation in the Caribbean 5 years ago. We all were drunk and stoned on weed. Next thing that happened was Dad had his hands on our heads and we were each sucking him. He came in my mouth. And I pulled my brother to me and we kissed and shared Dad's cum.

      By the end of the week they were both fucking me and each other. Dad is Bi also.

      We are all so in love. I have a baby from each of them. So happy with my life!

    • Sad. Your mother damaged you all apparently.

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