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At 66 yrs old i find myself in a position that i regret... how do i tell my son and daughter that their father is not their father but actually their grandfather... booth were conceived when their father was at work and i had asked their grandfather to help fix a basement door that's when my son was conceived .. my daughter was conceived 2 years later just because i called him for a sexual encounter..... in between both births we had several sexual encounters and i don't know why i allowed it to happen ... now they're on their own and have their own families .... should i just write a letter to explain when i get laid to rest ?

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  • The old 'help fix a basement door' story again huh?

    If you are going to make up stories at least avoid the cliches darling.

  • Ask your son if he will make you pregnant too

  • I wouldn't say anything now.

  • Best not to say anything, there things happen. I used to have regular sex with my sister in law who had a boyfriend at the time. Great sex and she always insisted that I always cum inside her.

  • Maybe your husband is infertile. I would keep the secret.

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