Was this summer where we were not allowed out due to coronavirus but I was still working as a lorry driver but the wife had to stay home so she got spend a lot time gardening we have a secluded garden and only an older man and his dog next door so peaceful i talk on phone wifey every evening and she told me this amazing story of what had happened that day I thought was just playing about but she said was true she had been out weeding sorting garden etc only wearing a t-shirt and all of a sudden she felt something jump on her back her head fell forward not knowing what was happing and managed slowly turned it to see fur legs of next doors big dog and now could feel its cock jabbing away and her rear end trying look about and see if the neighbor was there could not see or hear him calling the dog and she had been curious what be like fucked by dog and it's her fav position so managed slide her hand down and guilded dogs cock towards her pussy letting slide into her she was getting good pounding then hear neighbor calling and running over to her shouting at dog wife managed turn her head saying don't stop him now it not be fair for both of us just pull up garden char and wait pls but instead he moved in front wife sitting onground pulling his own cock out he said wife been long time for me to any chance of bj she managed rise her head and he moved closer so now she could suck him to as dog had now turned so bum to bum as dogs cock pulued away filling her wet pussy and few seconds later mouth she looked at neighbor saying that was good enjoyed and when hubby comes home weekend can she show him he smiled asking bj as well wifey just said have to see

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