Sex with my neighbor I fucked my neighbor who is 10 years older than me and I think it's nice sex

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • No you didn't Karen

  • Shut the fuck up shit story

  • Blah blah blah

  • I have a hot neighbor, he’s still in college, works a lot. He usually comes home when my husband is still at work. We have sex, but most of the time he just wants to suck my tits. I’m nursing a baby, and a 22 year old. Haha

  • When we were still newlyweds, living in an apartment we made friends with the couple from the building across. They were living together, and they were our age. We started hanging out, drinking on the balcony together. One night we were drunk, and the subject turned to sex. Our neighbors hadn’t done anal, my wife was giving her advice on how to take it and do it so it wouldn’t hurt as much. Ended up same room sex, anal, me in my wife and he in his. Neighbors can be fun.

  • When I was single I live at 2 different places. The first place was near where I grew up and worked part time at the neighborhood market. I've been told I'm tall, dark and handsome. Girls I slept with tell me I have a big penis and know how to use it, and I'm a nice guy. They didn't have to be prom queens to get in my bed. The first place I had a nice FWB relationship with 3 walking distance young ladies. I like to cook and made them Eggs Benedict in the morning. Then there was the nice religious girl, a real knockout, committed virgin -- but loved to 69. Something about pleasuring virgin 23 year old pussy like that. The 2nd place was at trendy expensive complex, had a FWB with a young widow but way older than me, 45.
    She looked like a buddy's mom and she was gorgeous. Growing up Catholic I felt the need to go to confession after fucking her, the forbidden fruit thing.
    Also felt good bring joy to her. She was in therapy over her loss.

  • My 40 year old wife has the hots for our neighbor’s son who’s maybe 20. I know she’s easy, if he just came and asked for sex she’d say yes. She’s told me her fantasy of him massaging her and eating her out while she sucks me. I asked if she would let him do her and she said if I allowed it. I asked if she’d suck him and she said HELL YES! I said maybe. If he only knew he could have the easiest lay in his life with a 40 year old milf.

  • I know my All American 42 wife is a closet slut. If young guys only knew how easy she would be for them. She doesn't have a pass, that's my pussy only. I guess I signed up for that, I loved how crazy for sex she was when dating., and I was her 3x a day young stud.

  • It’s funny, I wish I would have known that when I was young, women in their 40s were easy sluts. I know she would have sex with practically any young guy, just like I would have see with practically any young woman. I’m lucky, we talk like that, she knows I’d be down for anything with any woman 18-30, and she’s happy to join in these fantasies. I know she’s down for anything with any guy, and I’m happy to join in as well.

  • I need to set this up. Invite the guy over to help me with something while my wife prances around in skimpy clothes.

  • Nice

  • When I was 22 i had sex with my 45 year old landlady. Maddie was checking my faulty water heater. She was hot and sexy with a nice firm rack. I had the Bee Gees on the stereo and she started grooving "do you disco? I'll teach you" About an hour later we were fucking like prom night.
    "Do you always fuck your elders, you nasty boy? She kibitz.
    Said it was 5 years since sex. We did it 100 times over 2 years. Think that 5 year gap made her so easy. Perfect Storm for both.

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