Noo stop ..I'm married i said as i leaned over the side of my car raised my dress and placed his cock in my pussy and slammed backwards into it taking his rigid cock all in.. it felt like it bottomed out inside my pussy i rubbed my pussy and fucked him till i had an orgasm he grabbed my hips and slammed hard and deep into me causing me to raise up from the car his cock was in to deep he grabbed me by the neck kissed me by the ear till i felt his cock fall out of me and a huge glob of cum drips out of me onto the parking garage floor .. i get into my car and leave the garage by the time i reached the gate i was sitting in a puddle of cum still running out of my pussy ....i hope no one saw us as i reached into the glove compartment for some coffee shop tissues jim was an apprentice at our firm he was young and gorgeous and here i was with a pussy full of his cum what will my husband think if he sees me like this... jim and i had a flirtation relationship for several months till that day ...ever since then i walk around the office flashing him my pussy and suck his cock afterwards in the garage i try not to fuck him because he shoots a lot of cum in me if i do i rather suck the load that way i don't have a dripping pussy going home ... I've gone to his apartment several time and enjoyed several deep powerful fucks ..i kind of enjoy being sneaky with a well fucked pussy ..

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  • What about the poor slob you are married to ? How does he fit in ?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • What a load of shit

  • I agree

  • I’m doing the same thing and I just love it. Young guys are so much harder inside my pussy! I know that’s why they make me cum so Fucking HARD! I’m going to fuck this boy down the street and he is so cute and so sexy and I can’t wait to fuck him tomorrow night

  • Fucking married ladies when I was younger was a favorite pass time for I know my wife is fucking some one because she leaked cum on the couch while watching tv a while ago

  • Hot. I've bedded a LOT of married coworkers. My favorite would demand sex from as punishment for her husband being mean to her the night before.

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