I'm a therapist that councils teens and young adults. A young girl (14) who was one of my patients had taken a turn for the worst. She had to be institutionalized for a little while and her guardians (aunt and uncle) were pretty upset. They had taken her from a pretty bad environment and she was dealing with a lot of trauma from her previous home and lashing out in unhealthy ways.

When she got out of the hospital we had a joint therapy session. Just her and her uncle came because his wife had to work. I spent most of the session stealing glances at him. He was just over 6', tall, muscular, ex military, short dark hair, and dark eyes. I could feel his eyes all over me too. I asked the girl to step out for a second so I could discuss a safety plan for her with her uncle. As soon as the door closed he was on me. He pulled me out of my chair and shoved his hand down my pants. I don't know how, but it was like he was reading my mind. He knew exactly how I wanted to be touched. He had my clit between his middle and ring finger and was rubbing it back and forth. My legs buckled and my knees slammed together as I leaned into him and started to moan. He held his other hand over my mouth while I orgasmed. After a few minutes of panting against him I pulled away, cleaned myself up, and gave him the safety plan, along with my card with my phone number and home address.

The next day his wife was working he came over. There were no words exchanged just like before. We fucked all over my apartment. The couch, the bed, the floor, against the wall, and in the shower. He pleasured me in ways I've never experienced. He took my vibrator to my clit while he fucked me from behind, he held me against the wall under my legs while he rammed his huge dick in me. Just thinking about it makes me want it again. I know this is so wrong but I can't help it. We've met up several times since and every time it's amazing. My favorite thing to do for him is let him sit in a chair in my kitchen while I strip for him and then give him a lap dance before he's so horny he picks me up and carries me to the bedroom to fuck me again.

I know this is so wrong but even now if he walked through my front door I'd start taking my clothes off. It's like I'm hypnotized and when I see him all I can think about is his dick inside me.

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