I Masturbated To My Co-Worker's Birth Video

There is a woman I work with (her first name is "Deb") that really turns me on. When Deb was single, I always wanted to date and "do" her, but never got the chance. Over the past 2 years Deb has gotten married, pregnant, and has had a baby. Last week I overheard Deb talking with another woman in our office about her experience giving birth. The two women didn't know I could overhear them. As Deb talked about giving birth, I found myself getting hard. Then Deb mentioned to the woman that her husband made a video of parts of the birth and asked the woman if she wanted to watch it. The woman said "Sure." Deb said she'd e-mail the link to her. The video was posted on some sort of private file sharing site. Later that day, while Deb was away from her desk and no one was around, I checked the "sent" folder of her e-mail and saw she had sent an e-mail to the other lady's personal e-mail address. I forwarded that "sent" e-mail to my personal e-mail address and then deleted the forwarded e-mail from Deb's "Sent" folder and "Deleted" folder so she would never know I forwarded the link to myself. When I got home that night I clicked on the link and downloaded the video onto my laptop. I watched the video and was really turned on by it. During the entire video, all Deb is wearing is a sports bra and is otherwise completely naked! Most of the video is shot from the side so you see Deb sitting up in bed with her legs spread wide, in labor. A couple of times you can see a nurse or doctor come into the room to check Deb's progress by inserting their fingers inside Deb. I love the look on Deb's face when the nurse or doctor would push two fingers deep into her vag. For about 2 seconds on the video you can see a frontal shot of Deb with her legs spread and vag ready to give birth. You can hear Deb moaning as her vag starts to stretch when the birth progresses. I couldn't help but to touch myself while I watched the video and eventually came. I have watched the videos many times and really enjoy it. Does this topic turn anyone else on?

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  • You should post Deb's video on the internet for millions of men to masturbate to!

  • I would create an animated GIF from the video that repeated the moment when Deb was stretched to the max and was moaning and email it to everyone in the office.

  • This sound yummy! I would love to see you friend Deb, her legs spread wide, pushing hard!

  • I'd love to watch Deb give birth! Freeze frame the full vag shot and print it out. Leave the photo in Deb's purse when she's not around.

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