My submissive wife

I am married of age 30 and 25yrs old. Mainly two things. firstly, My confession is that I watch porn a lot. My wife dont like it. We have argued so many times in this regard. I dont know whether i am addicted to it or not but i feel watching it everytime.
Secondly i have sexual desire a lot but my wife is very submissive. She is not well educated in the matter of sex. I want her in my bed a lot. She is just casually have sex for name sake. Its been 2yrs we r married but she never approached for sex all the time I do ask i do cuddle, i do kiss, i do everything i want. She simply sleep while widing her legs. I feel so embarrassed sometimes why She is doing this to me. My urge to have wild passionate sex is not fulfilled yet. I feel depressed and cant be like this anymore. Please help me

PS: she loves me a lot. Only uneducated in matter of sex.


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  • Wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. It's like sleep walking, VERY open to suggestions, NO inhibitions and I found out, NO memory. Started to see where she would go like that sexually. She would never allow anal sex, but she does about 1/3 of the time on Ambien. I have posted many videos of her beautiful pussy online that she has no idea I have taken, much less posted and actively share. Some guys have sent us videos of them cumming with her vids playing in the background. When she takes her happy drug, I will show those vids to her as I fuck her from behind. I love cumming in her as she sees a guy shoot a load to her pussy videos. REALLY glad she doesn't remember that the next day! Am thinking of having a guy come and eat her and cum on her like that as she wouldn’t remember. Start with a little foreplay and you can email me at for more that what you will just see warm and wet...and so tight... no kids yet as you will see! They get much hotter, and remember she has no clue! Her 1 vid has over 250k views...wonder how many loads have been shot to her.. hmmmm

  • So teach her.

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