I've cheated on my fiance with 2 men

I cheated on my female fiance with 2 men in 1 day.
I'm a guy, bi but I never get to explore my "gay-side".
So while my Fiance was at work I downloaded Grindr and started messaging people.
I met the first guy, talk a short walk to his flat, he was a 33 year old black guy, nice cock.
I dropped to my knees and sucked him off, giving him everything I could.
After a few minutes I tried to ride him but it hurt too much so I just sucked him, he came into my mouth and u swallowed then left.
I was still incredibly horny and felt rather unsatisfied so after a quick trip to he store I went home and messaged a few more people and that's where I met a guy in his 40's.
I sent him loads of pics, I rode a dildo for him and then when he arrived I sucked him off and admired his how huge his cock was.
I deepthroat his dick while he grabbed the sides of my head and throat fucked me, this was where I got a phone call from my fiance and the whole time we were talking I quietly wanked him off and he to me, then once we were done talk I sucked him off some more, I then asked if I could ride him, he laid in my bed and i lubed his cock and sat in it riding it, it felt incredibe and I continued to ride even when he told me he was close and as he came I came.
He filled my ass up with a huge load, I moaned and called him daddy the whole time and when we were done he cleaned up and went home.
I deleted Grindr, I felt satisfied.

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  • You're satisfied... until the next time.

    Believe me, there's always a next time. The craving will come back and the longer you resist it the stronger it'll get.

    It's fucking awesome.

  • Love older men with big cocks

  • Sexy cocks are amazing i love them too

  • Wow, you horny bareback slut.

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