So sweet

So, a friends wife and I have been secretly flirting for some time. But the other night she abruptly turned and kissed on the lips while we happened to be in the kitchen. It was a quick and light kiss on the lips. The rest of the evening she spent puckering up her lips at me when no one was watching. She's a hot little and loves to show off her silky legs, not a lot only enough to stimulate ones cock. Her tits many times stretch the fabric she's wearing. She is built so nice and hot and stands 5' 1".

Now the dilemma, do I try and fuck her or do I simply keep my distance. Is she telling me that she is ready to fuck? I find my self thinking of her so much and I want to see all of her and not just some. What would you do?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I think she is ready. You should be very careful but go ahead and take the leap. If you don't somebody else will. Why cant you enjoy what is offered to you?

  • Let her enjoy your cock , take her body and use it for your pleasure , pulse your hot load into her mouth and make her swallow every drop , treat her like a slut , that's what all women really want.

  • Tel her to befriend a big dog

  • Is that what you do?

  • You're a big Ass.

  • I'd fuck her if she wants it puts it out there take it.

  • Fuck her

  • If you don't want a friend and want to risk getting killed fuck her. However if you value your friendship with your friend you should give her the cold shoulder.

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