Wanted Him

I don't have a regular fuck buddy. I get fuck whenever I get someone interest to fool around with this fat slut. I pal around with mom and her good lady friend who has a regular male friend that she fucks. I started to get interested in him. I know he's much older than I, but when my mom's friend gossips about him to my mom, I get intrigue with the idea of him having him fuck me. He's suppose to well endowed with a hooded thick penis.
I began to test him if he will do a young fat gal like me. I started clothing that couldn't hide my big tits and jeans that enhanced my hips and ass. I couldn't make him stare and keep looking at me. I would brush against him at times but there was no naughty touch from him. I would touch his privates under the table, but he pushed my hand away.
We all went down to the beach area for the weekend. We got two rooms at the motel side by side that connected to each other. Mom and her friend went store browsing. I started to watch the TV wearing barely nothing, but nothing was on worth watching. I went to the door that connected the two rooms and it wasn't locked. Danny was taking a nap on the bed wearing boxers and his penis hung out of the opening. It indeed was big and hooded. I decided to do something bold. I quietly walked into the room and licked that penis with my tongue. It began to stiffen. I grabbed that thick cock with my hand while I lowered my mouth on it. He woke up and watched me without saying a word. He held my head on his shaft. "Suck it baby, please me!" he said.
He got out of bed and removed his boxers and helped me remove what I had on. "You got saddle bags, not tits!" and laughed. I got on all fours sucking his cock while my tits hung. "Suck it baby, suck it!" as he tried to mouth fuck me. He then went behind me and slap my ass with his cock and then slid it down between my cheeks and forced it hard into my cunt. "Fuck me Danny, Fuck me!" I yelled. He kept slapping my ass as he thrust himself into me. "Cream pie me!" I screamed. I felt his load let out and he rubbed that wet cock between my ass cheeks.
I guess it was a one time deal. I'm use to it. He acted if nothing happened, but he made me happy that day.

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