Is this common?

An ex girlfriend of mine would orgasm really quickly, didn’t matter how you went about having sex she would cum within five minutes, I’m talking every time.
She also never showed any signs she was about to orgasm only when she was having an orgasm, you could be gently caressing her then she is cumming.
I wouldn’t mind but she never wants to continue after she has cum, so so many times I had to finish over her as she’s not wanting me inside her after she’s had her orgasm.
Just wondering if anyone else has experience this?

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  • Yes , my wife is just like that, when we were dating like you i noticed how fast she would cum. It didn't matter what i did, i could get her off in 5 or 6 minutes then after she came , she was finished and didn't give a damn if i came or not.
    She has not changed in 10 years.

  • Some women's pussy are too sensitive right after cumming that they can't handle any more sex for a while. Just roll her over and do her in the butt.

  • Nope but I'm pretty easy to get off though, and like coming well being fucked..
    I try to multiple times
    after some cool down she won't let you touch her? that would suck ask her if you can try and make her do it again

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