Chest sitting turn on

Back a numbers of yrs ago i was with a girl about the same age as me at the time we was both in our late teenens early 20s.Both of us very much into sex after about 6 mts of datting i got a phone call from her asking for me to come up so i did i went to her place like normal got out of my car went to the door and to my suprise she was drested in a very short shorts and a little whit tank top ok wow talk about a turn on she smiled at me and said come on in if got a suprise for you today all ready turned on by her looks and her vevery sexy looking body and legs we both went to her room and thear was her friend dresed in a very small two peice swim suite ok now im so hard and so turned on .So the girl i was with tell me her wildest dream is to be sitting on a guys and to see if she can make a guy cum by just sitting on him along with her friennd doing the same thing didnt need to ask me twice i took off my shirt and pants they both looked at each other smilling and said are you ready for us i said yes.And they pushed me on the bed the girl i was datting told me to just lay on my back and she would start out first she then sat on my stumic for about 5 minets then said im sittinng on you do you like it when i sit on you then moved up on my chest and squezzed my face between her soft sexy thighs she stayed sittting on me for and hr like that both her and her friend looking down at my face between her thighs then her friend ased if she could sit on me the same way i said yes and told them they could both sit on me for as long as they waned to for hrs at a time they both was sitting on me either both at the same time or taking trurns sitting on me i loved it it was one of thouse times that would never happen again i was so hard the hole time and cum many times wile they was sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs later after they got done with all that went on we talked about them sitting on me and how i liked it .Of corse i said i loved it the ney day i went to her place and the one i was with asked if we could have a contest ok im on so they both waned to see who i thought had the softest sexyest thighs and was taking turns sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs we spent all night lone doing this both of them sitting on me i was so turned on so hard loved every minet of it we spend that whole summer with all three of us going places once in a park with just one of them sitting on me and the other asking if she could be next to siton me it was the bets summer i had ever had we all went to collage and went on with our lives bout to this day i still wish i could get back together with bot of them and spend all day with either both one one at a time sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs

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