Step-daughter, knickers and paste...!

My very cute 19 year old step-daughter wanted her room redecorating so I was only too happy to help get stuck in with her.

We stripped the room together, with me mentally stripping down her little size 8 frame of course, and then she left me to it for a bit while she went out on an errand.

So left alone with her room, I did what I often do when given the chance, and had a play with her knicker drawer! The feel of her small lace thongs soon had me hard so I wanked with them, the feel of the lace and silk on my cock, knowing they were hers had me throbbing and ready to cum which point a naughty (naughtier?!) though hit I shot my load into the wallpaper paste, put the knickers back (carefully so no cum went on them!) and used the cum laden paste to stick her new paper to her wall!

Knowing my cum is on her walls when I talk to her next will no doubt raise a slight smile on my face! ;-)



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  • I love jacking off in my stepdaughter’s panties. Great job on adding to the wallpaper paste, knowing your jizz is surrounding her. My favorite place to leave my cum is in something I give her to eat or drink. It drives me crazy watching her sip a latte or eat Alfredo sauce with my special ingredient in them. You should give it a try.

  • He's posted that one or copied it from other posts. All the same lame posts all the time.🤢🤮

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  • Shemale queen

  • Before everything is done, you need to concentrate on getting your hot step-daughter drunk and fucking the daylights out of her!!

  • Hell yeah!

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    I'm surprised that you didn't wear them dumb fuck. Is she so fat that you can use them as a blanket?
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  • I'm surprised that you didn't wear them dumb fuck. Is she so fat that you can use them as a blanket?

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