Wifes Fist Time going all the way with another man

I had always thought about how hot it would be to see my wife with another man. I pushed the limit one night and took her to a local swingers club. Told her why not see what it is all about and leave. That night actually went well, we did eventually get naked and play with each other in a group room. She suggested doing that and was a receptive to it. A couple was next to us and the guy played with her tits while his wife sucked on him. We left shortly after and she said that was kind of fun and would like to do it again. I was a bit surprised but pleased. We became regulars at the club for a few years. She liked the aspect of being watched and touching other men in front of me. It was a turn for of us both. She was not into the ladies, tried it once and swore it off. We typically played with single men, she would do everything up to no penetration. It came close a few times but she would cut them off as soon as his cock touched her pussy. Frustrating for me and I am sure the men as well. But she gave great blow jobs and would occasionally swallow.
A few times I set up a massage for her either at home or at a guy’s place. I always gave the massage therapist the permission to do whatever he wanted to try. Sometimes something happened or not, it was all about his attitude and technique. One night I came across a guy on Craigslist and seemed like I had seen him on a Swingers site. He was a legit massage therapist. I made arrangements with him to meet us Saturday night to massage us both. I told him my wishes but left it to him to see what he could do. The first time it was pretty straight. He told me that he could get her there if we did a couple of more session. Also told me she was getting wet. I asked how he knew, told me that he could hear it as she opened her legs. He told me that he did want her. He was about 20 year’s younger, tall and great shape. She was very receptive to taller men. We met a couple of more times and not much happened.
We had to attend an exclusive event in the area on a Saturday night. I planned to get a hotel room for us using the excuse that I had to use up points before they expired. I invited the massage therapist but did not tell her. We got to the room later in the evening, she was a bit tipsy from the event. She was dressed in a nice dress and heels. I went out to get ice to make a couple of drinks and came back to the room with the therapist. As he and I met at the elevator he told me he was going to make it happen tonight. I told him to go for it, I would just hang out and watch. He set up his table and did his typical massage for about an hour. He removed his shirt like he had done before, this time he was doing long strokes down her body from head to toe and laying his body on her face. I noticed that she was smiling a bit. As he moved from her arms all the way down her legs he began lightly rubbing her pussy a few stokes then her nipples on the way up. He then began to get a bit closer to her pussy rubbing her clit a few times that stroking back to her nipples. It was getting very hot looking, although I had seen guys do similar to her before. But it was always hot to watch.
Soon I got up and moved closer to the massage table, I took her hand while he stoked her and then I began to kiss her. She reached down to feel my rock hard cock. I opened up my pants to let her grab me. She began stroking me. The therapist put oil on her hand stroking me then he oiled up her other hand and dropped his shorts. This was the first time I had seen his cock, it was as advertised a good thick 9 inches. He put her other oiled hand on his cock, she was stroking us both and eventually began sucking on me. At the same time he was stroking her pussy and nipples. A couple of time he would suck on her nipples and I did the same. She always had liked 2 men sucking her nipples. He stepped away after a couple of minutes and began fully undressing at the end of the bed.
While he did that I went down and ate her out a bit. She was dripping wet. I came back to her head and she began sucking on me hard. I saw the man stand up and could see him fully hard with a condom already on. I took her head and pushed her down on my cock hard as she sucked me. He then got on the table and quickly pushed her legs wide open. In a quick flash I saw him thrust down on her and felt the table rock hard and he began pumping her. At the same time, I blew a big load in her mouth. I did not believe it, I was speechless. This much younger cut guy was pumping her hard, I saw her reach down and feel his cock in her. I did the same as I wanted to experience it. I stood up and watched him go in and out. He was sucking her tits at the same time. I began kissing her while the guy kept it going in her. She was moaning a lot as she got louder he let out a loud moan and blew his load. It was unbelievable. He pulled out with a loaded condom and got off the table. I helped her off the table and she went into the bathroom. While in the bathroom he loaded up and left. She and I ever talked about it that night but we both had a great time when he left. Her pussy was a bit sloppy and loose that night but that made it hotter. We met him several times afterwards and each time was wild.

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