Dirty talker

My girlfriend knows exactly how to get me going she’s such a dirty talker her favourites are breed me, fuck a baby into me, fuck me daddy - what talk turns everyone on?

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  • My girl is so good at starting for-play in you mind before it ever gets physical and I love this about here. Recently we were at a BBQ with a bunch of friends. My girl went in the house for a few minutes (probably for the bathroom). She came out, as she walked by me she kissed me on the cheek and very discreetly slipped me a small folded up piece of paper. Then she gust kept walking over to her girl friends. I held it for a minute wondering what it was. When I felt like no one was paying attention I opened it and it said, I want to taste your cock. I looked up and around. I saw her looking at me, we made eye contact, she smiled and blatantly cock glanced me. She drives me crazy! Who am I to deny her of something she wants . . .

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