My bisexual fantasies

For most of my life I have considered myself to be totally hetro-sexual. I could even go as far as to say I was probably a little homophobic.
But then one night I had a weird dream where I was sucking on the nipple of this unknown, big breasted woman. I tried to see her face but it was in darkness so I closed my eyes and enjoyed sucking on her nipple. But then the nipple got fatter and longer and harder. It got to the point that I was almost choking on it so I opened my my dream....and instead of seeing a breast in front of me I was looking down the shaft of a guys c***.
I was so shocked that I woke up with a start and was amazed to discover that my own c*** was rock hard.
I lay there thinking about what I'd dreamed about and was embarrassed and ashamed, but also had to admit that it aroused me.
Next night I had the same dream, but this time realised I was dreaming and decided to carry on instead of shocking myself awake. This time when I opened my eyes and saw that big c*** I was sucking on I didn't stop. Instead I placed one hand lower on the shaft and another under the guys b***s, massaging him as I sucked.
Pretty soon I felt his b***s ride up and his c*** spasmed and he flooded my mouth. The sensation was so arousing that I awoke immediately only to find that I too was ejaculating. I grabbed a t-shirt from next to the bed and wrapped my c*** in it and managed to catch the worst of the spillage. Meanwhile my wife slept on next to me oblivious.
Since that night I can think of little else but my desire to suck another guy. I don't want to kiss a guy or cuddle or have any other sort of sexual event, but sucking another guy right to the end and tasting him has become an obsession.
I have tried to bring the subject up with my wife, but more in a round about hypothetical way. Would she be turned on to see one guy suck another? Her reply was no.
So I guessed that if I was going to make my dream come true I would have to do it without her knowledge.
Shortly after this an old friend of mine was in town and he and I went out for a few beers. He fancies my wife and always asks after her and then the conversation gets turned onto sex and fantasies, what he'd like to do with my wife etc. I don't mind him talking about her like that it actually turns me on. Anyway, after a lot of meandering around I finally told him about my dream and asked him what he recommended. Should I join a dating agency to meet other guys or should I just suppress these thoughts. I was surprised when he suggested we go to the bathroom together right away. We went into the pub toilets and into a cubicle and he unzipped and pushed me down to my knees. I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded. He was already very stiff cut an already long story shorter...he made my dream come true. It was all I fantasized about and more, so much more.
After that first time I have met him twice more on his subsequent visits to town. I also joined a free on line dating website and have met with 3 other guys so far. There's nothing romantic about it, it's simply me getting them off and then they leave.
I still have an active relationship with my wife. Still very much into guy on girl fun, it's just that I have this insatiable desire for c*** too.
And she obviously has no idea that I am a fully fledged c*** sucker.


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