My Brother’s toy

When I was In my early teens I had an older brother who loved being around me, touching me, kissing me! I remember we would hide under a bed I had and he would just lay me down, kiss all over my legs. Run his hands and tongue all over me too. ( Just thinking’s about it now has me rubbing on my little clit) I loved being his dirty little toy, he and my other brother used to love playing with me.

My other brother used to come into my room late at night, and would rub on my pussy until I came, would finger me and I would play with his cock, and man I wish today he would just come and eat my sweet little pussy. Because fuucccck I need it bad

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  • Did the same with my hot older sister. We had a shared thing/fetish for her very long, polished nails (red was my favorite and she knew it), and I went from touching, feeling and stroking them to tasting, gnawing, and licking them to going up her arm and ending up kissing her lips for minutes at a time. She loved the attention and being worshipped by me. Sometimes she'd scratch my back so hard it would draw a little blood and leave marks. That told me that I was doing my job pleasing her.

    My hands then wandered to her body, inside of her open robe, down her pants, and one or two-fingering her during these instances, all with her encouragement. I'd go into her room every night and feel her up, finger her, turn her around, and just have at her body, pulling the covers down and eating her out in the middle of the night.

    We still have inside jokes about those nights that nobody else understands or picks up on.

  • Sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time together! It's healthy to experiment especially with a sibling.

  • Sibling sex is hot

  • Have you asked him to?

  • Spread your legs and let him go to town.

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