I would like to say that up and until last November I had only been with one man ( my husband ) . We were highschool sweethearts. Well anyway his career bloomed and we moved to a big house with property , on the property was a mother-in-law house that needed to be remodeled. Last October it was completed and one day he brought home a younger guy to look at it. My husband and I are both smaller people and I'm in my late 30s my husband is 40. So anyway this man he brought home Ian is big he's over 6foot and weights probably as much as my husband and I combined lol. He's strikingly handsome and has massive muscles especially on his arms and chest. I found myself breathless the first time I met him. So the next thing you know he's living in the little house , I would spy with binoculars from my bedroom window and watch him. Making my brain blurry with lust , I would often close my eyes and masturbate. One day I saw a strange car over by his house and the curiosity was killing me. So I put the leash on our dog and pretended to be just out walking on my property. I could hear him and another guy laughing and kidding around as I walked close by. Out of the blue a squirrel jumped down off of the fence and ran in front of my dog , who instantly ran and pulled me to the ground. I let out a scream as I went down and partially dragged until it stopped. Then men came running out the front door to me. Ian told his friend to grab the dog as he bent down and scooped me up. Carrying me inside I was in awe of his brute strength. His friend closed the door and let my dog run around the little house. Ian handed me over to his friend who was equally as big and strong. Ian cleaned off the couch and they lay me softly down. They started getting damp wash clothes and touching my face and arm's. I was breathing hard and put my hands on my tummy. His friend says she's so tiny e I think she's really hurt. He reached up and unzipped my sweater , this made me almost hyperventilate. I couldn't speak or do anything as he touched my tummy through my shirt. That's when I realized I was about to lose control. My legs started vibrating as his hands moved around slowly . Ian says are you ok honey I nodded my head quickly yes. I realized my hips had a mind of their own because I was moving them up and down to the movement of being touched. I looked up at his friend who smiled and looked at Ian then winked. He then moved one of his hands between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. He said this what you want. I heard my voice mumble yes , I looked up at Ian who started taking his shirt off then undoing his pants and letting them fall to the floor. He says to his buddy let's take her little ass into my room. On the bed they started undoing my Jean's and tugging them until off they same with my shirt. I couldn't hold it and came. Ian noticed and started laughing look at her we haven't even fucked her yet and she's coming. He grabbed my legs and spread them, with a single incredibly hard thrust he huge dink was me, I let out a scream/gasp . His friend says fuck me she's the size of a little kid I can't wait to rip her in half so save me some. With that Ian started relentlessly pounding his unit me. I could hear my voice above everything else my body started uncontrollably shaking and I had an orgasm just as he started coming deep inside me. He quickly pulled out and his friend went nuts inside me it was so intense that I had another orgasm and embarrassingly pooped at the same time. He also came deep inside me. The two men carried me to the bathroom and put me in the tub. His friend says you need to clean your self up you little slut and turned the water on. I was so embarrassed when I finally came out of the bathroom , ashamed I started looking for my clothes , Ian said come over here and I did. I think I want a blow job from you before you go home. He pulled the towel away from me and grabbed my arm , taking me to the living room he sat down pulled his dick out and said start go ahead and start. When I was finally done, dressed and leaving he said I'll see you tomorrow. I've seen him countless times since and many times with him and his friend who I still don't know his name.


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  • You sound very happy now. Just like my wife when she comes home after seeing her multiple lovers

  • I am happy , I never knew sex could be like this.

  • Very hot,keep it up sexy.

  • It's a daily event now. I'm feeling worn our

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