Being Shared

In my teens I had a reputation at school, I suppose I was the school slut as I went through a lot of boyfriends and had sex with all of them. And being teen boys they made sure all their friends knew that they had fucked me.

After I had been with one of my boyfriends (Steve) for a few weeks he arranged for one of his friends, Ian, to come round to his house while we were supposed to be alone one Friday night. I wasn't happy about it but we hung out for a while and watched TV and drank and smoked and it was nice and chilled until my boyfriend started kissing me and trying to undress me. I didn't mind the kissing but didn't want to undress in front of Ian. Steve kept pestering me until I gave in and we were making out topless.

Ok I thought so Ian has seen my tits now, no big deal. But then Steve told him he could "have a feel" and then Ian's hands are all over me, squeezing and fondling my breasts. I tried to push him away but he was forceful. I knew I was Steve's first fuck and from the way Ian was groping my tits I was pretty sure he was inexperienced too.

I wasn't sure where this was going and thought Steve wanted Ian to watch us fuck. I wasn't entirely happy about that and resisted getting fully undressed. I was topless and barefoot but kept my jeans on. Steve hadn't asked me about this and I had not had chance to think about how far I wanted to go with Ian in the room. I didn't fancy him and he kinda grossed me out.

After more kissing and groping Steve started to unzip my pants. I kept pushing his hand away but he was persistent and eventually got them undone and put his hand down my jeans. He was just fumbling around down there but now I was sure he wanted to get me naked in front of his friend.

Ian meanwhile had taken his top off and had one hand down his pants, which now have a noticeable bulge. Steve started to pull my pants down and then suddenly there I am in just my knickers. I told him to stop now - I didn't want to go any further but he kept kissing me as he took his pants off.

Before I knew it, I was lying on the carpet with my knickers pushed to one side and my boyfriend's cock inside me while his friend watches and wanks. Then, Ian is kneeling next to me with his penis out, wanking over me while I'm being fucked. I thought he was going to cum on my tits, but he leans over so it's near my face and, unbelievably, Steve pulls my head nearer to it and for the first time ever I'm being spitroasted with my boyfriend in my pussy and his friend in my mouth.

His cock tasted sweaty and I nearly gagged on it, and I'm glad he didn't cum in my mouth because I would probably have thrown up. Steve pulled out of me and swapped places with Ian. I felt slightly nauseated as Ian entered me, but I knew there was no point in resisting, and as he leaned down to kiss me I just lay back and let him fuck me.

After about two minutes Ian came inside me and shortly after that Steve shot his load all over my tits. They rested for maybe half an hour then spitroast me again, and fortunately I had Steve's cock in my mouth the second time around. When they had both cum for a second time, Ian went home and I got ready for bed. It was too late for me to go home so I spent the night with Steve as we had planned. I didn't really want to but I let him fuck me during the night and I woke up to him masturbating over me the following morning. I got dressed and went home before his parents got back.

So that was the first time I was shared. I wasn't ready for it and it wasn't very good but I tried it again a year later with two boys I did fancy and it was tons better. I split up with Steve not long after that but I guess he got what he wanted. I thought about telling them both I was pregnant just to fuck with them but decided to let it go.

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    • I am in my 80s a new at it I really want to suck a cock I don't know how to go about African another man to suck his cock I go to the park and going to the bathrooms when I see another man go in hoping I can see his cock sometimes I see it but I don't say anything to him I end up going back to my car I think about is cock and I sat there and jack off it wouldn't be so bad if it was his cock I was jacking off I just like cock I like to look at cock I like to check cock off and I thank him would like to suck one I left my phone number before is there any way he could copy that number and call me!

    • Over our 20+ yrs of swinging my wife had more guys than I can count and most were in threesomes or gang bangs. But not one of them was she forced to do. In fact our 1st threesome she had to take the lead on. If you enjoy two guys at once as much as she did go for it. But only if you want to. Not to please some guy who apparently wants to be a bully & rapist.

    • I was young and inexperienced so I let them do something I wasn't ready for. My second time was with a boyfriend I really loved and his friend who I was very attracted to, and it was amazing.

    • Keep up the good work Kate darling we all love you sweetie.

    • Thank you x

    • Do you consider this rape ?

    • In a way because I didn't agree to do it but I didn't seriously try to stop them either. I didn't enjoy it but it wasn't traumatic either. Just something that happened.

    • The pass around pack.

    • I witnessed something similar. I was at a friends house when he started taking his girls friends top off. He asked me to help get her pants off and realized she was crying - I left the room. A couple weeks later it was a group of four guys including myself and this girl. They were laying on the floor watching TV when he started wrestling her. He had her leg pulled up to her chest when he told another guy to slap her ass - he did, she got pissed and called him a few names to which he pulled her shorts down and started playing with her. She couldn’t stand this guy and got pissed, called him a few names insinuating he was gay and that’s when he pulled his dick out - a bit small and fucked her. The other guy and I weren’t sure what to say. He finished in her and then the boy friend still holding her told the other guy to fuck her. He walked over and pulled out a dick that was pretty big and you could tell hurt her. He fucked her but at least pulled out - the first guy went bad to try in her ass and that’s when she went crazy. He started in but neither could hold her and I unfortunately just sat there. She stayed with the guy so I don’t know if it was a game or not, I don’t think so even to this day. Thinking back, I think there were a few girls they did this too and never got I. Trouble. This was in high school, 15 and 16 years old-good times

    • Stuff like that probably happens a lot. Most of my boyfriends around that age would just fuck me without asking or any foreplay and most of the time I was ok with it. I think that's why Steve thought I would be ok with being fucked by Ian. They probably don't think of it as rape but I suppose it was really.

    • It definitely is, and it's messed up. It's lucky you had some experience with sex and how men can be - but others who are unaware could be in for a traumatic and rude awakening. I know wiht some of the things I do during sex that I wouldn't put someone through that without permission (although sometimes it's implicit, I definitely have come on strong before!)

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