I was driving home from work last week when I noticed a woman walking along the road, with a backpack on her back and a large bag in her hand. As I got near her, she stuck out her thumb and flashed me a quick smile. I normally don't pick up hitchhikers, and I was only going a few more miles before I was home, but for some reason I slowed down and pulled over a few yards in front of her.
As she walked up to my pickup truck, I noticed she was probably around 30 to 35 years old, and looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet. She opened the door and as I asked her where she was going, I noticed she smelled a little rank, like she probably hadn't showered in a week or so. She had kind of a pretty face though, with beautiful green eyes and a sexy smile, and thin body. I told her I was only going a few miles to the next town, but I would be happy to give her a ride.
She said thanks, and threw her bags in the back and got in my truck. I immediately rolled down the window, as the stinch was quite overwhelming. "Oh, I'm so sorry", she said, "I know I must smell bad, I've been on the road for a week straight, and I would do anything for a hot shower and a meal". As she said that, she reached over and started rubbing my crotch. "And I do mean anything" she added. "Well, my wife is at home right now, so I can't take you to my place, but I know a cheap motel across town, if you are interested", I told her, as I felt my cock start to grow in my pants. "Sure!", she replied,"I don't have any money, but I will make it worth your while". "Okay" I said.
I made a quick stop at the McDonalds drive through and bought her two full meals to eat, which shes scarfed down like she hadn't eaten in days. While she ate, I texted my wife and told her I had to work late and wouldn't be home for a few hours.
I drove to the motel and paid for a single room for the night. I then took her into the room and kicked back on the bed while she jumped in the shower. After about thirty minutes, she came out of the bathroom. She looked, and smelled like a totally different woman. She was a very beautiful lady. She dropped the towel she was wearing, revealing a beautiful, perky pair of tits, nice skinny belly, and a freshly shaved pussy. She had a small, perfectly round ass that made my cock throb just looking at it. "Now lets get these clothes off" she said, as she pushed me back onto the bed and started pulling off my pants and undershorts. She immediately took my now throbbing hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She took all seven inches down the back of her throat without even gagging. After a couple of minutes, she sensed that I was close to cumming already, so she took her mouth off of my cock and climbed on top of me. She slowly rubbed her pussy back and forth across my throbbing cock as she hovered over me with her tits dangling in my face. Without even thinking, I grabbed her ass and pulled her up to my face and started eating her pussy. Fortunately, she had washed it well, and she smelled and tasted great. She fucked my face till she had an orgasm, then she rolled over, next to me, spread her legs wide, and said "come fuck me, now!". I climbed on top of her and buried my root deep inside her. She came again in about three minutes, then I told her I was ready to cum. She said "fill me full, baby, cum in my wet pussy". I shot a massive load deep inside of her and collapsed on top of her as she held me tight. It was the first time I had ever cheated on my wife, and by far the best fuck of my life. I took a quick shower and told her she could have the room for the night if I could see her again in the morning before work. I fucked her again the next morning, and that's the last I saw of her.

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  • Hot story. No pics of her?

  • Couldn't risk taking pics. If my wife found them I would be totally fucked, and not in a good way.

  • Be careful about picking up homeless chicks like this. My buddy picked one up and got robbed.

  • Yeah,I thought about that but I wasn't too worried about it, because I didn't sleep while I was with her, and she wasn't big enough to take me otherwise. My biggest worry is that I didn't use a condom when I fucked her, but hopefully she didn't have anything. Time will tell. I don't plan on ever doing this again, but I never say never.

  • But your dick is burning and itching now....then your wife will get burning piss. Then it's off to the doctor and it's a STD. Of course you can blame the wife and say she was out whoring around

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