Airport exposure

I was traveling for work and my Colleagues thought it would be funny to try to tease some of the security people at this small airport were flying through using my body.

I was wearing a long blouse and tights on our way to the airport. The blouse was long enough to cover my bottom as long as I kept my hands at my side. But if I were to lift my arms up To carry something it would pull view blouse up very precariously. If I were to put my hands over my head I would be on display fairly easily. But wearing tights it shouldn't be an issue except my colleagues thought it would be cool if I would go through the airport without the tights on just with the blouse panties and bra.
It's a small airport so I figured I'd have some fun and my colleagues were encouraging.
I took off the tights and I put them into my backpack. My colleague said I should make it more interesting and take off my panties and bra as well. We were driving back to the airport to return the rental car when I had taken off my tights and I was sitting in the back seat And put them in my backpack. My 2 colleagues I should tell you are male. As we were driving it was going to be just complicated to take off my bra without showing Off my breasts while we were driving. We were nearing the point of for turning the rental car so I had to move quickly so I took my Panties 1st and then I took off my blouse completely. I then remove my bra and my colleague was holding my blouse in the front seat and I was in the back seat completely naked.
Of course the people at the rental car place thought it was hilarious when we pulled in and they got to see me completely naked.
My colleague gave me back my blouse but since everyone had seen me naked I got out of the car and then I put the blouse on.
I put my bra and panties in my backpack and I put on my backpack and a grab my luggage and we proceeded to walkTo the ticket counter.
Of course my colleagues didn't bother to tell me that the bottom of my blouse got caught underneath my backpack and my bottom was completely exposed

But some nice gentleman said we can see your a** And I fix my blouse to cover my bottom.
After checking their bags and getting our tickets we went through security and I was on display again.

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  • This is super sexy. Showed this to my wife and told her she should do this.

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