Skinny underweight / hunger fetish

I'm a bit nervous talking about this because I feel kind of like a disgusting perverted creep for being attracted to something unhealthy but I've just got talk about it somewhere. I think I have a fetish for very skinny people not like near death but definitely significantly underweight. Define rib cage and hip bones and the very flat concave stomach just turn me on intensely. Someone squeezing or putting pressure on their lower stomach or in other ways that show off the bone definition is amazing. I'm a guy and I'm bi in everyday superficial attraction I lean towards men but this fetish is stronger with women though I also enjoy skinny men. This is so much stronger than any other attraction I have it almost feels like my vanilla everyday attraction is a mask to hide what I'm really into. Hunger is also part of the fetish like if the person is obviously hungry or we can some way from needing food but is purposely consensually trying not to eat. I guess a starvation fetish but not like forced starvation. I also get extremely horny when I'm hungry and If I'm also cold it's through the roof! Again I feel awful about this like some sick pervert. I mean I know this is unhealthy I would never want someone to risk their health to look this way. Never found much porn for this and genitals aren't really my thing so I've resorted two looking up Pro anorexic thinspo to get off. Young teenage girls, they're starving themselves, obviously mentally and physically ill and need help and this is the perverted bullshit that gets me hard what the fuck is wrong with me!


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  • Women should make themselves throw up to stay skinny

  • I’m also into this.

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  • There is also something really hot about a girl forcing herself to throw up

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