Dream come true

I wanted to see my wife suck another man's cock and fuck him. The through of seeing a friend fucked by me excites me a lot, but I couldn't help convincing my wife and yet wonderful moments came. We have a younger friend, a tall, handsome, well-mannered man but he was a bit shy, I liked him knowing that he also has a big cuck, he is the man I would like to fuck my wife. Alina is a beautyful woman and very nice to men. She is 46 years old and sexy, attractive and provocative only good to fuck. Many times I noticed when we met Bogdan they kissed and hugged each other with a nice sign that they licked each other. I decided to offer them sex in threes. I talked to my wife if she likes to fuck Bogdan again because I really want to see her suck his cock and fuck him, she told me she likes him but she can't fuck him because after that she would feel unfithful. I noticed that she was aroused and I gave her my erect cock to suck it and I licked her wet pussy and fucked for a long time. I realized how much I was excited at the thought that he would fuck Bogdan. Now I was going to convince Bogdan to fuck my wife.
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  • I told my wife that I found a man with a 11" thick cock. Yes he was on craigslist, I answered his add gave him my number and he called me. I sat up a meeting with all 3 of us and she was wearing a see thru short skirt with no panties, and a see thru top. When we met she was rubbing his chest and dick. I asked her if she wanted to and she said YES. So I asked her to stand up and I said take off your top. She slipped it off. I asked her if she wanted to suck his cock and yes she said. So I pulled down her skirt. She is now nakid, and he stood up and stripped nakid and his 11" cock was hard as a rock. She touched it then stroked it then she sucked it and he came in and on her mouth and face. I was hard and nakid she said that she wanted to be fucked hard by him. I then gave him a blue pill and he slid it in her pussy and started to pound her hard. After 45 minutes she had her feet covered in pussy juice. My dick is bouncing hard and they are still standing fucking. So I slid it in her asshole and she went nuts screaming and cumming. She was squirting juice all over him and I was pumping that asshole hard then he said let's change so I pulled out and cleaned my cock and slid it in her pussy and he slammed her asshole she screamed louder than ever and she squirted all over my dick. Then he said I am going to cum so he filled that asshole up and I squirted in her pussy. She is just shaking we pulled out he cleans up and he said we need to mouth full her she is sitting on a chair with her head hanging over the back and we are Jacking off when we came she had her mouth open and she swallowed most of it. We fucked her for a week every day and the last time he brought over 6 other men she ate a lot of sperm.

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