Relaxing at Work . . .

I own a small business as a florist. I've had the same two full-time employees for years, they are nice women about my age (late 40s). The three of us have been a great team. Recently I had to hire some extra part-time help, and gave the job to this college guy Bret. He's 20, has good customer skills, and knows a lot about flowers. Incidentally, he's also drop dead gorgeous: tall, fit, blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole thing. Great genes.

As the only male employee, we've all done our share of flirting with Bret. Most of it was just playful banter, nothing serious at first. He's so cute and fun, and it was nice having a guy around at work.

The other week I came back from a delivery to find Bret and one of my other employees fucking in the back room. I was initially upset, and nearly fired both of them on the spot. We talked about it, and after probing my feelings, I realized I felt a little envious and jealous, if anything. I let them keep their jobs.

Long story short, all three of us women have been fucking Bret, sometimes before work, sometimes at lunch, sometimes after work. There is hardly a day that goes by when one of us is not getting laid. His girlfriend doesn't know. Our husbands don't know. It's a little secret. He is such a hot fuck. I hope he works here forever.


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  • This is incredible!!!! Brett is a lucky guy, and what really interested me is the cheating aspect of it all! And of course that you ladies don't let jealousy wreck a great thing between you all. Hopefully since you're the boss, you get top priority :)

    Definitely going to be memories that will last a lifetime for him and for you three!

  • There’s a young dishwasher at work, no one would expect he’s fucking me. The younger girls ask him out all the time, they complain he’s always busy and “probably gay”. They don’t know he’s coming home with me.

  • Do you take turns so that his cock is fairly distributed? How many times does he fuck in a day? Once? 2 or 3 times?

  • OP here. lol, our hookups with him are pretty organic--he'll ask one of us or we'll ask him. Not sure how many times in a day, though I've fucked him twice in a day once. Depends on how busy we are.

  • So are you and your employees still fucking him? I think its so hot to get fucked while there are others around who know what's going on in the back room.

  • Organic ... you WOULD say that! Many posts I don't believe. Yours I do.

    Enjoy the ride!

  • So where is this flower shop? I would lime to stop in and see if you have any pussy willows!

  • Make sure he is well compensated (besides getting all the pussy he wants) and he will stay a long time.

  • Unfortunately, I can't pay him much--the business is doing well, but I'm not getting wealthy from it. I hope he stays a while.

  • Did you have a foursome together at work? That would be so hot

  • No, no foursomes. None of us women are bi. I did line up with one of the other girls once and he fucked us both side to side.

  • Sounds like fun.....maybe I could come to the flower shop and take turns with Bret fucking both of you. Wouldn't you like to have two loads of cum in your pussy?

  • Nice work if you can get it!

  • Great story. 👍🏾

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