Making sure she continued

I had deveolped a full on obsession about having my married palm beach trophy wife fucking guys around times I couldn't be there to do her myself. My season had changed and I knew i would be traveling to panama city beach soon and probably not be returning but to visit.. thd marriage hadn't ended like I thought it would as I would find bigger and larger things to stretch her vagina as big as possible.. what was I going to do if she cut off the her actions that by now some were being left out to protect what she said was my respect for her. I never get this they will do this with you but not thstcwith them. So how to get her doing more whore things if I was not here to be the reason why the fall guy. Well by now I had been placing adds in creglist for hook up for threesome and I was suppose to screen all the guys we would bring in. I new this guy was a player and more importantly not alot of people new he was married and that they lived on the island. I contacted him about what he had been doing and that I could send out the pics I have of him and me doing my married gf. I told him what I had done wirh her and how it progressed and where I wanted it to go and thst I was going north for some time. I gave him enough amo to black mail her into doing all things. I gave him Teo choices he goes at it harder than anything he's done before and we would set a weekly day she must come and 2 will calls. I new the days shexhad open and when she would think it would just be easier to do it forca few times to ease him off her trail when she tried to use her charm and wit to finish the problem. Well Tuesday was wide open for her and I had the guy set up video so I could watch.. he had her come stans naked for an hour as he told his rules. As he tied her down 4 guys came in as shocked as one could be they took charge each of then slapping her wirh there dicks soon each taking turns over and over each man cummed in both holes. As they left the guy who I out in charge came in told her it was the greatest sex fantasy and proceeded to fucked her side ways having him use thd tricks I told her to keep her squirting for an hour or more. Soon she wax looking for Tuesday adding up thd numbers of guys she easily did a 100 guys before I came back down for a few days. We fucked and I had s buddy up from ft Lauderdale and wirh put asking we got naked and no formal complaint she just got on her knees suckex us both took two dicks in her pussy. Nke thst was progress

Mar 1

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