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I think my wife is cheating as she spends a lot of time at work or with her girlfriends. Her panties are often very wet so what do I do about that? I feel so let down but am sure if I can confront her without any real hard evidence. Should I start following her etcc?

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  • An update for those kindly following this saga and giving friendly advice.
    My wife has given me my marching orders so to speak. She has moved in with someone else - a person I know quite well and another lawyer! Its all happened so quickly and with lockdowns here in the UK not easy to move on anything.
    Naturally I am gutted as her move has blindsided me. Did I see it coming? Probably but thought I was imagining things. I now view myself as having failed in our marriage but am not sure where. No doubt at some stage she will reply to my emails about that issue. Until then I am struggling to work from 'home' and cope with it all.
    I have contacted a local lawyer who will represent me. More later.......

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  • She’s not cheating. Offer to meet her more places.

  • Thanks for that but how do we know she not cheating one way or another?

  • Your wife may be incontinent. Alot of women suffer from this. Try not to assume the worst. If your wife is cheating then perhaps she is having fun with her girlfriends? If it is with her girlfriends is it cheating or just girls having fun?? My wife is allowed to fool around with other women but not men. She has my blessing as long as it's just sex. Perhaps you should talk to your wife and work out what's going on.

  • I don't think for a moment that she is incontinent but my thoughts have been that she is getting excited about something when she is out. I will have to man up and ask her directly about it. Thank you for your contribution.
    She may of course be having an illicit affair with a co-worker although in her line of work (Lawyer) that would be frowned upon. Maybe its a female at the office or she knows through work. There have never been any signs of her being interested in female sex but she does have fun nights out with her 'girlfriends'. Most of them work in the legal profession too.

  • You're welcome. Working in that sort of environment I'm sure your wife and colleagues need to let off steam which is understandable considering the sort of cases they deal with. When girls have a night out together you can almost guarantee that the more drunk they become the more likely they to make out with each other, we've all seen it haven't we?? So it may not be an affair, it may be girls having "fun". Is the out all night with girlfriends?? It might be worth checking Facebook pages of pictures taken on these nights out.

  • Your wife is hand washing her panties before she comes home and she doesn't want you to smell sex on them. That is why they are wet. Get a divorce, she is cheating on you.

  • Really that serious? I would never have thought about it from that angle.

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  • Hire a private investigator.

  • A good idea. I will have a look at whats available in this age of COVID 19

  • Are her panties wet from arousal, or wet from sexual activity? Does she taste different?

  • I haven't had oral sex for some time. She is not that keen on it or so she says!

  • I had a similar situation with a gf of mine. Oral sex is usually part of our foreplay though. She came home from a night out with friends, and I was still up watching late night movies. I was all over her as she got undressed for bed, but didn't want me to go down on her as I started kissing my way down her body. I asked her what was wrong, but she just said she didn't want that tonight. This was a first for me, as what human wouldn't want to recieve oral sex?!? When I finally convinced her to lie back and relax, it didn't take me long to figure out why she was so reluctant. She was already more "open" than usual, and definately wetter. I stopped licking her and confronted her about already having sex with someone that night, but she reassured me that she had not, and now urged me to continue what I was doing. Feeling her spread her legs even wider when I resumed licking her, I realized that the thought of her being with another man and now grinding herself into my face was turning me on just as much as it turned her on. She was so wet I really quite enjoyed it.

  • Lucky man nothing like enjoying a freshly filled pussy of hot cum..

  • That's worth trying. I will follow that advice and act on it when appropriate. I must admit that I haven't forced the issue of oral sex but we used to do it as a matter of our love making.

  • Honestly, seeing how she responded more than usual I started going down on her a lot after we have sex. I have learned to love the new flavors and how extra wet and aroused she is.

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