Sorry, but I thought I was bein' funny

I have looked at my posts and it
seems a few of you know a word or
two. I didn't think anyone would know about the meaning of a word. sorry but I didn't want to keep it in plain English. Accept this apology and let's all have a nice word shall we?

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  • Wtf Is he talking about ?

  • Word: fuck you.

  • Get back on your meds.

  • How about just posting stories / comments that are conducive to this site and not be such a D-bag as you usually are?. This post is actually your best to date as you didn't do the stupid font thing and the upside question marks etc. So thanks for improvising, now try harder going forward.

  • So thanks for improving..... thats what it should of read. Now I'm the D-bag for not spell checking. But you're still a much bigger one!

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