When my grandma touched me..

Ive always been skinny abs when I turned 16 I was 6 foot.
My grandma is from the south and sweet as can be.
Since we were kids my grandma would "rub" mine and my sibling's backs and stomachs gently with her long finger nails.

I was way too old for it but when I was 17 I stopped by her place after school, as I usually did, but I asked her to rub my stomach.

I took off my shirt and propped my head up on a pillow she put on her lap. She was rubbing it for like 20 min and I was almost falling asleep.
I started thinking that her hand was getting real close to my waist band.

Then it happened.

Her hand slipped underneath it. And my dick happened to be right there.
She touched it and apologized immediately and I just said it was no big deal.

She kept rubbibg my stomach for awhile as she watched TV. Then I said I could pull my shorts down a little.

Eventually half my dick was out...I was hard...and her hand would glide across every now and then. It felt so good.
She even grabbed it to reposition it.

I kept rubbibg the side of my head against her breasts.

She noticed precum and she stopped. Abd pulled my shorts up.

We've never talked about it....and she's never rubbed my back again.
But I know she enjoyed it. She gives me real long hugs.....

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  • I would have said " grandma you're not stopping until I am cumming." If she wouldn't continue, I would have fucked her to get off. She can't get pregnant.

  • Crap post

  • I was hoping it would go further than it did. I was looking forward to some serious grandma fucking. Oh well.

  • Sounds like an amazing memory to me.
    Too bad it had to end.

  • I agree

  • Nice sounds like a real intimate moment!

  • Shut up lady balls.

  • Fake incest propaganda.

  • Oh Nimzo cut the incest Crap off. You incest loving fucks post fake crap. Well here is to wrecking this post now. Lady Balls you are reading this so shut the fuck up. You people are sick.

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