Mother son

So i have a very hot wife, and she has a son, he is 22. I always had a fantasy of a hot mom and son, and my wife loves to wear no bra and her son always looks at her boobs. So it got me thinking about does she know he stares at her boobs, and does he get turned on by his moms boobs? And if she knows does she enjoy that he looks at her? And it got my fetish mind going and wondering if they would ever act on anything, and ways i can try and put her out there for him to see her more or more of her to see if i can spark some action.

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  • Bull shit

  • Whats bullshit

  • This fake ass post you wrote. You throw crap together and post it to give Incest lovers a place to post sick replies. Fuck face.

  • And here you are reading it getting your panties in a bundle while everyone else is enjoying their day.

  • You need to come up behind your wife when she is facing her son and pull-up, or pull-open, her shirt to reveal her bra-less boobs completely to her son. Don't make it a quick flash, try to let her son see them for at least 10 seconds. After seeing his mom's naked boobs, he is going to want to fuck her. Seeing my mom's great tits naked was all it took for me.

  • Fuck you lady balls

  • I had a discussion with her last night, and she wants to show them off around the house, she said it would be good for him to see her boobs regularly

  • Shut up.

  • Always best to talk things through. Find out if she is interested in sex with your son? Give them your permission, if you want to.

  • What are you a sick bastard to ass hole.

  • Well we have started discussion with wearing thin tops and she said “ its healthy for him to see my boobs “ she was in a very see through top yesterday no bra but as the wine wore off she got shy

  • Bull Shit fake reply

  • Just keep trying. Maybe it's worth talking to your son too

  • Sick fake incest propaganda.

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