My wife gives my friend a helping hand while camping

My wife Abby and I invited our friend David and his girlfriend of about 6 months to go camping with us. David had been a friend of ours for years. We were just getting to know his girlfriend. We were hoping this long weekend camping trip would be the great opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, Holly broke up with David only a week before the trip.

Being a trooper David still wanted to go along. The three of us spent the 3 hour drive to the camp site engaged in everything from laughing and joking around to talking about what happened between the two of them.

We were very comfortable with David and we often shared deep and personal conversations over the years. It was clear David was hurt by this break up. He confessed to us that he was beginning to think this may have been the girl he would ask to marry.

Abbey, sensing the mood was low, wanted to shift to happier thoughts and get back to laughing. She changed the subject by talking about the camp site explaining that it was very secluded and peaceful. Not intending to be insensitive I blurted out that he may need to set his tent away from ours or he might hear the unmistakable sounds of sex.

I don't think David minded the sex reference. The three of us often ended up in talks about sex. We were that comfortable with each other and sex was often a topic for us three when drinking was involved. In fact, David had seen my wife topless more than once. Nothing more than a quick glance but once she changed clothes in the back seat while we were driving to a club after work and he definitely got a look. Another time we were at a fairly secluded beach and Abbey removed her top to sun bathe. Both times David made comments that assured us that he didn't mind and in fact enjoyed the view.

Once camp was set up and dinner was cooked and served we settled in around the campfire. We had began drinking as soon as we arrived to the site so by now we were all pretty well buzzed. The conversation turned back to Holly and the mood again shifted downward. After several minutes of talk of relationships Abbey once again acted to change the topic back to happier thoughts. She noticed how the shadow from one of the beer bottles looked like a d*** on the ground. Instantly the conversation was back to sex and laughter followed.

After Abbey brought it up sex was a major part of the conversation for the rest of the night as it often was when we all got together. Abbey is always a little flirty when she drinks and sometimes towards other men. I actually encourage it as it turns me on to watch. It may have been that Abbey was past buzzed and now drunk but for whatever the reason she was very flirty towards David.

The fire was hot and so was the conversation. We all shared embarrassing sex stories about our shelves, when and how we lost our virginity, as well as some of our fantasies. Abbey got out of her chair and moved it a little away from the fire stating she was getting a little to hot. I said, half jokingly, to take her top off. Without hesitation she pulled it off. David was surprised but clearly approved as did I. Her shirt remained off for the rest of the evening.

David was not shy about checking out Abbey's breasts and commented on them frequently. He even started to make excuses to get closer to her by doing things like every time he would get another beer he would lean across her lap to the cooler which was on the other side of her hoping to get a feel. It was obvious and he wanted it to be. Eventually Abbey just offered for him to cop a feel which he eagerly took her up on. He fondled her for a minute before retreating to his chair.

We continued talking for awhile and every now and again the conversation would lull. It was during one of these lulls that Abbey spoke up and said she needed to use the bathroom. As she walked past me she leaned in and whispered that she felt really bad for David and asked if I would mind if she gave him a handjob. I was surprised but not entirely. I knew she enjoyed David and was attracted to him, especially his personality. She also knew I fantasized about sharing her with another man. I nodded approvingly and she kissed me before heading to the bathroom.

When she returned she again stopped and kissed me but with passion. She was turned on. She parted with me and stepped over in front of David sitting in his chair. She stood looking at him for a minute with her top off. David's face showed that he wasn't sure what was going on. After a minute Abbey asked him if it was ok to kiss him. David looked at me quickly not knowing what to expect. I laughed and told him he better accept before she sobered up. David turned back and before he had a chance to say a word Abbey leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. As they kissed David's hands made their way up to Abbey's breasts and he again began to fondle them.

Their lips parted as Abbey stood back up. She then placed her hands on his knees gently spreading them apart as she knelt in front of him. She looked into his eyes as she rubbed his crotch then slide his pants down exposing David's erect C***. Abbey grabbed it with her hand and began to jerk him off. Every so often she would look over to me to ensure that I was ok with what was happening. She found no protest in me.

After stroking him for a few minutes she leaned in opening her mouth and began to give him a b*** J**. She alternated between her mouth and her hand for several minutes until David was ready to explode. When she sensed he was close she began to quicken the pace until David C** all over her hand, chest, and even a little shot up on her face. She was not phased and continued to massage him until he couldn't take it any longer.

When finished she got up, got a towel to clean up, and gave him another passionate kiss before coming over and kissing me equally as passionate.

With Abbey being this drunk and going this far I thought I might get to live out one of my fantasies of a threesome. It was not to be. After sitting and talking for a little while longer Abbey said goodnight to David, grabbed my hand, and lead me to our tent. Once inside we were all over each other. We F****d hard and long that night.

Later, when I asked why she did that and why stop where she did she said that she felt really bad for David and knew he would hear us having sex in the tent and with all the build up and sexual tension she couldn't just send him to his tent alone. As for why stop there, she said she needed to have a limit and even though she thought about it and how it would be fun that would be something we would need to discuss in depth before it would happen.

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