Sub sissy Loves to serve real Men

I'm a 66 year old man and the Older I get the more my mind wanders. Recently I became interested in male bodys mostly their cocks, balls, and asses. I dream about showing a Real Man how a real sissy can give Him a great amount of pleasure. I dream about rimming His sexy ass, sucking on His yummy balls, sucking His awesome Cock until He fills my mouth full of His yummy cum. The thought of doing this is overwhelmingly exciting. I do believe that if this were to happen I loose all willpower to resist and would be willing to do whatever He desired of me. The thought of being submissive to a Real Man and being His toy to use as He pleases sounds so right. So does this make me gay if so well now I know.

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  • I've always loved secretly dressing up in women's clothes. The sexier the better I like it. I want some man to see me dressed like that and fuck the shit out of me. I would be his woman forever.

  • Who ever you please is going to be lucky

  • It sounds like you haven't crossed that line to find out yet. I was feeling like you and needed to find out. It was scary but very exciting, and I still can't believe I found myself letting him finger me while I gave him a blowjob. So embarrassing to admit

  • Another fucking Homo...

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