My husbands double life

My husband and i have been married for almost 18 years. We have 3 grown up children, and 1 grandchild.
In the 18 years we've been married, he has fathered 24 children.
He was honest from the start, he has a fetish of seeding women. We don't have any contact with the children, and do not wish too. I personally don't understand the fetish, but if i didn't support it, he'd do it anyway. Our children have no idea and would be utterly horrified.

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  • You're such a good wife honey.

  • Of course you should support a father that wants no contact with his bastard children, sounds like a stand up guy!

  • This is one of my biggest fantasies. Does your husband tell u all about it afterward?

  • This my absolute biggest turn on as well. Can’t get enough of it. Wish there was a way to contact the stud in question because I’d like to hear from him regarding some his stories and which was the most memorable. He’s my idol.

  • Well I know a lot of stories I can tell you. The most memorable was probably in 2010 when my husband and I ran into one of his 'conquests' in a shopping centre, with the child in tow. I had no idea why this woman was marching towards us, then clicked on when my husband whispered fuck. She said your husband did this, that and the other. I was looking at the little boy, he was at a guess, 3 years old, my husbands piercing blue eyes. He looked just like our oldest boy, no denying it. I looked at her and said 'you may have slept with him but he's not the father, my husband had a vasectomy back in the 90s' she bought it, I mean why would I lie? I was furious with him though, I've never wanted to see, so to speak. The child looked well and smart though.

  • I for one thing you're a top wife.

  • Omfg I just heard about you on another post. Wow how could You?

  • He's never hid anything from me it's all out in the open. We have a wonderful sex life, it bothered me a bit in the beginning, but it's been so long Now, it's a little bit of a turn on for me when he comes home and tells me 'the deed is done' I know he does not love these girls, soon as it's done he never calls them back, he's just gone. I'd be mortified if our children found out. He's getting on a bit Now, maybe he'll slow down.

  • He tells me little bits. Like their age (19+) or if their pussies were tight. He will sleep with them until they get pregnant. Then he'll move along. They don't know his real name or what town he's really from. All i ask is that its above the 20 mile radius.

  • This is so sexy

  • 24 children!!!!

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