She is turning tricks

I am not a prude I have done things with men that I am sure most women have or have not. One night when my man was gone I decide to go a upscale hotel lounge while there I let a black pick me up and ended up in his room. We did things that were great. The way he did me was out of this world. We agreed to see each other when he was back in town. He was the first black I ever had sex with. Well he did call I went to his room and there was another black there, wow I was taken back but I stayed, again another first for me a threesome with black men. He called again I went to his hotel and there was another black there, he took me aside to tell me he was my trick, said I am not a whore, he said you are now. Being nervous I went ahead and had sex with this man. Since that night he has set me up several times a week.
My man has no idea what I am doing for Antwon The money is good but I am ashamed for doing this. I tell him when he calls sometimes I am not able to turn this trick for him or meet him. Hope he stops calling. Dilema

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  • Fuck your men girl!

    Your pussy your Cocks. I would help you Fuck them if I could.

  • Has your pimp started keeping money from you and having tricks fuck you up the arse

  • “A black”?! Fuck you.

  • They did.

  • Your a prostitute, he is your pimp, could not give a fuck about you just wants the money, you will be his slave soon and he will not pay you for all the fucking you do, get used to it

  • Nasty. Hope you don't give your hubby aids.

  • Your not a whore to me you sound like you like to have fun I wish my wife would hook up with other men who would show her other things other then just laying there I am not black and I have a 10inch cock I just don't get her I eat her out all the time I fuck her hard I fuck her ease she does not like cum in her mouth and her ass is off limits. I wish my wife was a whore. Then she might be fun I am looking for a girl friend just to fuck and get a good blow job ??????????????:-)

  • Whore

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