Well meet a beautiful black man on line so we went out on a couple of dates but our next was a stay at home date so we had dinner dance a little bit but ended out side on his deck and it was game on I started playing with him and kissing than I pulled his pants and boxers off and OMG there was a huge set of balls and this very large very thick beautiful black cock looking me in my face so I played with those balls and suck on them and lick on them and then it was time for that cock so I started at his balls and lick all way to the head of his cock cryed to get it in my mouth but only the head of his cock in my month wanted more but it was to big he was 11.5 inches long and so thick I could barely get my hand around his beautiful cock than he bent me over and I thought he was going to ram it in me and fuck me hard I was ready for it to hurt like bitch but he puthis cock in me slowly and took his time but omg it felt so huge then started with short strokes then longer then longer and it stoped hurting and started feeling so good I told him harder and faster and it was on from there and when he had his orgasm inside me of course it was the hottest cum I ever felt it made me cum and we fucked all night that night and it was the greatest night I have had with a man we have been together now for more then 6 months now and our sex life is so much fun and exciting and we enjoy each other to the fullest he is a beautiful kind caring and very sexy 58 year old black man I am a 59 year old white crossdresser we go out together do dinner dancing movies. U know what couples do he is loving and never rushes when we have sex thank God I care for this and love to please him in everyway everyday my name is Cassie I am so happy that I meet this man

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Sounds great love to dress like a slut and take on several well hung black guys at a time

  • Crossdressers are freaks .....your look as a woman is insulting to every women .....why not just say your a gay man period

  • Who knows? Why not be less judgemental?

  • Congratulations, Sweetheart. Sounds like you found a good man. And a hung one.

  • Thankyou

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