Ever been caught doing yourself by a motel maid?

Has anyone ever been caught jerking or Jill’n by the hotel/motel maid service?

I’ve always thought about what it would be like to have the help walk in as one is about to finish a morning release session?

I suppose what would happen next depends largely on the type of girl that walks in!

Anyone have a story to share?

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  • I once let myself get caught on purpose on a dare from my husband. We both blushed and she closed the door. She never came back that day

  • Wow, that sound erotic! How far along were you? I would image it would be best if already finishing and the door opens... the point of no return!

  • Why would you do that to her. You sick fucks only care about yourself's. Think about the maid she has to come in and see you fat skanky ass and those dropping tits. It probably burned her eyes and she had to take the rest of the day off.

  • I went to the UK on a business trip for a month. That month turned into 3 months and I was getting tired of sitting in the hotel. It went out drinking and got hammered. Not sure how, but ended up back in my hotel room, stark ass naked, passed out on the bed above the covers. The next day when the hotel maid knocked on the door, I obviously didn't answer. She came in and found me naked. She cleaned the room, covered me up, and left a note saying she tried to wake me, but I only mumbled a few words. Wonder what she was thinking as she tried to clean around me naked.

  • There is no hotel or motel that will allow maids to clean the room while someone is in there. BULL SHIT

  • I secretly crossdress when I'm staying in hotels by myself. One time I was caught by a maid, and it was honestly not planned. She didn't even knock. The door swung open, and I was standing at the dresser with the mini fridge wearing nothing but a little white camisole top, a pink lace thong, and thigh high black nylons. She apologized to me, but as she did so her eyes were looking me up and down over and over. I too apologized to her, and reluctantly denied her request to stay and clean the room. As soon as she left and the door closed behind her, I regretted not letting her stay. It is the only time I have ever been seen by anyone while I wear lingerie. Hot memory for me.

  • This is me

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