He came in me

I would do anything for him including jumping off a bridge if he asked me... Jack is my best friends brother when Lisa was at dancing classes Jack was playing Mario brother i asked him to teach how to play it but i couldn't get the timing right ,so i sat on his lap and tried to break the bricks and before i knew it my body was also jumping on his lap... hold on he said with you jumping on my lap you're giving a hard on i laughed (embarrassingly) but i sat back down on his lap and wiggled on him and laughed , i felt him pull his cock out of his shorts leg and rub it on my pussy while i was still playing he moved my panties aside ( i was wearing a skirt ) and rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy while i jumped with Mario brothers then he pushed me forward placed his cock in my pussy and rubbed my pussy lips with it ,,, i leaned back with him still rubbing his cock on my lips i placed his cock at my pussy and pushed him in it hurt but i didn't dare complain just letting in was awesome after telling him to slow down he said he couldn't he tried to pull me off and i didn't know what was happening and he shot his cum in me ... damm Danielle i just came inside when i got off him there was cum dripping out of my pussy and a little blood i had just lost my virginity and i had cum dripping out of me .. luckily i wasn't old enough to menstruate and i got lucky that i didn't get pregnant... even though he has a girlfriend and we haven't fucked since that day i suck his cock quite often without wasting it , I masturbate more now then ever before using all kinds of objects


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  • I have submitted 2 posts, but have not seen them, so that would make it better, if posts were published.

  • Bull Shit Dude Do you know how painful that would be to a girl on her first time. She can't menstruate but her lips have developed. Fuck you pedo

  • Maybe you should drop an email op ; )

  • I think you should concentrate on finding a new guy to fuck and cum inside your pussy.

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