Me and my colleague are in a relationship for two years. Both married. Our sex is great in the car or motel. After work we get a quick fuck in before both of us head home, she normally gets picked so we finished 1hr early and head to my car and our intimacy starts there and then I drop her off at work to be picked by her husband we have the best orgasm. But lately both of us, are now not sexually attracted to our own partners. For her she has to put lubricant on to get her wet and she just pretends she is having a good time. Her husband just goes in for a quick fix, bang her in. No passion or play or orgasm. For me I have to manage a hard on and it's difficult at times because my colleague empties my pipes fucks and sucks it all in. So when I have to do the do with my wife I have to try hard to get a hard on.

Looking for something herbal to increase the lido now. Not looking for vigara but something for me to perform on demand. I want to start double dipping with my college and wife (after my intermacy with my college, come home and bang my wife). That had given me hard on a few times maybe the tought of my colleagues pussy jucies and cum going into my wife is making me kinky and all.

Morning sex with my wife helps as I get to have a intimate session with her in the morning and by the time me and my colleague have our turn I have recovered and lido is back.

But if there is any pills out there natural that can give me ondemand drive I can look into.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I know exactly how you feel
    Before I married I was seing my fiancé her 1st cousin and her cousins best friend who was engaged
    Don’t ask how but I fucked all three alone in one day with out washing myself
    What an achievement

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