Any couples actually swap partners?

We started taking a yearly cruise with our neighbors around twenty years ago and I think it was on cruise number three that our wives had worked out that they were going to switch husbands for it. We were sitting at lunch waiting to board the ship and they started talking to us about how we thought the trip was going to be and some sights we were going to see then his wife just says really casually would you guys be okay with swapping us for the trip. My wife chimes in with what do you two think, she goes with you to your cabin and I go with him for the cruise. He said um and I went uh, what did you two just ask us?
So we started boarding and my wife smiles at me and gives me a kiss then tells me to have a great time as she walks away with him and his wife is leading me to our cabin. I was looking down at her ass wondering just how long this was going to work because I was thinking that neither one of us was really getting a better woman here, both were very gorgeous, my wife had slightly larger breasts and hips but his wife was certainly not much smaller. I knew my wife loved sex and hoped that his wife had the same oral fixation that mine did when it came to that because I was really looking forward to some great blow jobs on this trip.
We get to our cabin and start unpacking stuff and I turn around to see M nude and think my god look at those nipples, she has incredible ones, like two huge baby bottle tops sitting there made to suck. I took in a breath and asked her if she was changing into her swimsuit already and she told me no she just wanted to unpack some things then have some fun with me. She then told me you know L and I have been planning this for over six months and we compared notes on you two guys so we would both not be surprised. I told her well you surprised the hell out of me, not sure about your husband but I am pretty surprised even still. She told me come on over and lay down, I will give you a nice blow job to get you in the mood for the trip. I looked at her and dropped my shorts then the rest came off and I laid down, she gave me a great first blow job while I watched those beautiful nipples sway around. After she finished I pulled her up and we kissed for a bit then I went to town on her giving her an orgasm followed by another one. We then showered up and went out to explore the ship, part of me wondered if my wife had done the same thing for the last two hours.
We ran into them a few hours later and all was great, it did feel strange but sometimes when we were out doing things like seeing the sights or walking around the ship we would be with our wives but when we were done and headed back to the cabin it was always with the other one. I think during the first cruise of swapping I had more sex than I would have with my wife just because of the newness of it all. She gave me three blow jobs on a few of the days but a morning and during sex was always what she did telling me my wife had told her how much I enjoy them.
So after that first cruise swap we were sitting around talking one night after playing cards, our kids were grown and going to college at the time and their one son was at a sleepover or something. He asked if we would want to swap for the night just to have some fun with each other like on the cruise. M looked at L and told her it sounded good to her and L gave me a smile and asked how I felt about it and I told them I was good with it also. We cleaned up the kitchen and I watched my wife leave with him. Her and I watched some TV for a bit then headed upstairs to the bedroom for more than I was anticipating from her for sure, we must have had sex for almost two hours and she tells me that she was hoping I would do it because she has been wanting to do this ever since the cruise was over. I asked her why and she told me come on, your cock and you are so into pleasuring a woman with your tongue. I felt good about what she was saying but asked her why she said my cock and she just looked at me and said your wife is getting the shorter end of this deal but he is also pretty good with his tongue but just not as long lasting as you are. I wondered about it because my wife had not said anything like that to me about his size being that much smaller than mine or his lack of sexual attention to her.
The next evening as we went to bed I started talking with her about it and asked her if she was truly happy with doing this and she told me she was for sure, she told me that it is just the different feelings she gets with having another man to pleasure and pleasure her differently that we do it. She then told me you have to keep this a secret, do not tell M anything about it. I said okay and waited to hear what she had to say. She told me during the cruise she had asked him if he had any fantasies that he wanted to do with her that maybe he thought his wife would not do or he was embarrassed to ask her. She looked at me and said he wanted to do bondage then she asked me if I had ever told him that we do it and I told her no, he and I had really not even talked about the two of you at all. She told me that it really gets him off tying me up and he loves to tickle me also and the reason he brought up swapping this weekend was he had picked up some new things to do it with and really wanted me to come over. I was thinking okay, sounds like fun for sure because we did it a few times a year and she had told me in the past that she loved to be tied up so I was not surprised by it. I asked her about his cock size and she laughed a bit telling me yeah, he is a bit smaller but that is okay, I still enjoy all of it. She asked me again not to say anything to M about it because he thought she would think it was to strange to do. I assured her nothing would be said and wondered if M would truly not like it.
So during our yearly cruises we have swapped more often than not and a few times a year we also swap just to mix it up a bit. Now that neither one of us has kids in the house these swaps can last three nights or so and I still enjoy doing it for sure. My wife asked me just last week if I was still happy doing this and I told her I was and I really am because it is different with M not better just different and I think this has been the spice in both our marriages that was needed.

11 months ago


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    • Sounds like you got a new go to couple! That is on the better end of swapping. I ended up swapping with a local couple and it was a disaster. We planned for a couple weeks and when the day finally came I watched as my wife was taken poolside and fucked hard. He plowed her ass and face fucked her and left her covered in cum. I can tell you all the details because his cunt of a wife got cold feet and started crying after a 10 second blowjob. I tried getting more and she cried more. Since we were upstairs I went near the window and saw my wife getting face fucked and I yelled at them to stop because we were not doing this anymore. He told me to shut up and no turning back now. I tried going downstairs to put an end to things but his wife pleaded me that her husband really wanted to do this and it would ruin his plans so I tried again with his wife and she just continued crying. I pushed her away and looked out the window and saw him giving my wife the hardest back shots I've ever seen. Again I yelled and this time told them his wife was giving me nothing. My wife was in ecstasy and this time she scolded me and told me to be a fucking man and fuck her and stop interrupting. I got really upset and told his wife to stop crying and fuck me and she cried more! I pushed her out of the way and ran downstairs. Just as I was nearing the pool area my wife was bent over with cum oozing out of her while she had his dick in her mouth as he thrust into her throat. I told them that his wife was a stingy can't and pushed him off of my wife. She got mad and pushed me into the pool and then they both went inside. He yelled at his wife and then took off with my wife. We all filed for divorce and he married my wife and I still see him fucking her every night from my window since they live on the other side of my property and they never close the curtains

    • I’ve never swapped but have always been curious. Can we swap pictures and see where things go from there?

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