Want to be the fattest at the reunion

Next year we will have a high school reunion. In school I was slim. Over the years I have put on weight purposely and seem to be averaging about 20 lbs a year. I want to gain at least 75 more pounds which will bring me up to 320. My weight goes to my belly, so I am looking forward to sporting a good 60 inch gut.
I have always liked fat and I want to openly talk about my massive transformation. I really want them to comment on my girth and hopefully I will get some belly rubs and pats. They usually have a "who can still fit in their grad jacket" contest. Ha ha, no way I will win it. I don't know who all will be there and if any guys have also blown up, but I know that I will be one of the ones who has gotten very fat.

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  • Nothing funnier than watching a fat fuck keel over and fall flat down dead from a heart attack.

  • I've gained 25 lbs in lockdown and I've never been happier. I'm at 200 lbs for the first time in my life and my next goal is 220.

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