Being fed, a lot...

I recently met a feeder. I did so by seeking one out, although I don't think I'm truly a feedee. But the thought of him worshiping my fat belly, stuffing me so full I look very heavily pregnant, and holding on to my belly as he thrusts deep, is wildly exciting. I don't want to become morbidly obese because I like looking and feeling good, and being active. But I'd be lying if I said I am not extremely aroused by the thought of working really hard to lose my current weight, which is nearly 350 on a 5'5" frame. And then letting him bring me right back to this weight because the thought of all the sex that'd lead us back to here is so appealing. I want nothing more than to feel him rub and massage and jiggle my growing belly. And take pride in and worship his master piece! I want him to desire me in such a way that he helps me lose the fat just so he can plump me back up again. I want him to love me for me, and if my body tends to like to gain weight, it's not a worry that he'll leave me because that's really what he wants. F%<$. I like him. Not just because we share a fetish. But because he's so damn gorgeous, I just wanna just wanna make him happy by opening my mouth and growing wider and fatter for him. Ok, so I confess. Maybe I am a feedee.

1 month ago

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    • It's more fun to keep you thin or very thin. I was having sex with my hot older sister for years anyway, but after her divorce, her fit, athletic body became thin to the point people would yell at her to eat. She did get very thin, but incredibly sexy, had the bikini bridge, low-slung jeans, and would wear crop tops that showed off her concave, tanned tummy down her low-slung pants. I was the only one to support her only eating when she wanted, and telling her how sexy she was. I'd get to her apartment, we'd hug and do our usual, soft, repetitive lip kissing, and I'd wrap my hands fully around her waist and tummy, fingers touching.

      I'd ask if she ate, but didn't push any further. Push on her thin midsection for fun, yes, but never push her to eat. She often told me, too, that I was the only one who didn't hound her about it, and she liked being this thin for herself and because I liked how sexy it was on her. We'd still have amazing sex, and it was better because of how thin and easy she was to throw around the bed. I'd wrap one arm around her and have her for good. We even had a thing where if I was there and she had on a t-shirt or shirt that covered her thin, concave tummy and ribs, she'd tie it up high or change into a short, cut shorter crop top to show her thin body off for me. In the Summer, bikini tops or full bikinis were mandatory.

    • Yeah, pretty sure you qualify. Have you talked about it? I had a similar sized height/weight girlfriend for a while. I’d be feeling every inch of her every chance I got. But once she started openly telling me how it made her feel, our sex life got immensely more satisfying.

    • After I posted this, I worked up the courage to share. I've been open about my desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also to indulge in my sexual desires too. I have never experienced this kinda of immense sexual desire and lust. It's so overwhelming that I can barely think about much of anything else. We have a date coming up soon, and I might cum at the mere thought of him touching my belly, because no one else every has. And especially not in a way that it's being admired. REALLY excited. And horny affffff.

    • Good for you for opening up! If I were the guy, I’d be dreaming of caressing every inch of your belly. So… fucking… sexy…

    • Well, nevermind. He was a creep and used me for sex. Feels like everything he said was a lie. Now I just feel beyond hurt I shared and opened up about this side of me with him. I felt like he was true, that I was safe sharing because that was what he wanted. How wrong I was. 😕

    • Sorry to hear that happened to you it just showed you that you deserve and will find someone who loves you for all of you including your curves

    • So sorry to hear. I’ve found that when I dated girls your size, it’s the weight that drew us together, but our relationship deepened as we went along. Hope you find someone to worship your curves and the rest of you as well.

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